What do employees want most? As a human resources leader, you’re probably familiar with this question — and you probably spend a lot of time weighing the answer. Of all the methods used to engage your staff and help them perform powerfully, there is one ideal solution you can implement now. This low friction, high impact solution comes in the form of a digital gift card rewards platform. Leveraging the best rewards as the currency and underpinning of your rewards and incentive program is a rock solid approach. Gift cards are affordable, flexible, easy to deploy. Most importantly, they motivate and delight your employees (and their families, too.) Here are the top 4 reasons employers choose a digital gift card rewards platform. 

Choose the Best Digital Gift Card Rewards Platform

Across all evaluation criteria, eGifter Rewards checks all the boxes.

#1 – Affordable 

  • Adhering to rigid budget guidelines for employee gifting is no longer the challenge it once was. Today, it’s easy to differentiate rewards by simply selecting the right gift card denomination, ranging from $5 to over $1,000. Meaning, any budget can be easily accommodated with a wide selection of retail brands at every denomination.

#2 – Flexible

  • Everyone is different — our wants and needs are diverse. Finding a *single* item that satisfies *everyone* is literally impossible. But the news is good: Gift cards allow people to select precisely what they want, and the freedom to buy when the time is right. 

#3 – Turnkey

  • With a single, secure login, HR leaders can select from an expansive catalog of gift cards to craft and email (or SMS text) personalized greetings to one — or thousands — of employees in just a few mouse clicks. Tracking and reporting are included, to boot.

#4 – Motivating and Delightful

  • Employees love digital gift cards not only because of the monetary value and spending power they contain, but because of the implied spirit they carry. Receiving a gift card reward feels exciting and fun because it comes with a meaningful brand association attached to it. This is especially powerful when the employee has a strong affinity for that brand. People feel great about the brands they love! In the end, employees feel appreciated, recognized and acknowledged — and THAT is the true gift.