Every employer wants to retain employees by winning their hearts, minds — and their very best work efforts. When workers feel appreciated and regarded by their corporate employer, they are apt to remain loyal and engaged for the long haul. There’s nothing an HR Director wants more than to make great hire that remains a satisfied and productive employee for years to come. You can personally influence that outcome. Purchase gift cards in bulk and reward employees in the simplest, most cost-effective way possible. There’s no better way than with the eGifter Rewards platform.

Spa Week Gift Cards Are a Great Way to Reward Employees

Consistent with the nature of Spa Week offerings, your workers and teams will feel nurtured and cared for. Implied in your gift is your approval for employees to pamper themselves. In an understated, professional way, you’re encouraging them to take a break for recharging their batteries. A wonderful byproduct of your generosity is this: Not only will they appreciate you for it — the benefit will be mutual. As your employees revive, refresh and renew their energy levels increase, making for greater productivity, stamina and job performance.

“As employees revive, refresh and renew, their energy levels increase making for greater productivity, stamina and job performance.”

More about Spa Week Gift Cards

Once you build your custom program that awards employees with points for taking wellness or job productivity actions, your employees can turn those points into awesome rewards! With a turnkey point tracking system in place, all you have to do is purchase Spa Week gift cards in bulk quantities from eGifter Rewards platform. Then, you can ‘set and forget’ to schedule gift card deliveries to your team with custom messages and denominations you choose.

Twice each year, in April and October, Spa Week holds a very special sales event. During these periods, thousands of spas and wellness locations across North America provide two to three full-service treatments for just $50 each. Visit spaweek.com to search for a location near you.

With luxurious hotels at exotic destinations, your employees can spend their Spa Week gift card rewards as part of a travel package. And, Spa Week is more than just massages and facials. A full range of feel-good services are available, like haircuts, yoga, pilates, botox, acupuncture, body wraps and chiropractic.

Wellness is contagious. Spread it around!