Fact or fiction? Workers who feel appreciated work harder.

At eGifter Rewards, we’re certain that it’s fact. Our corporate clients attest to it.

Companies that rely on the eGifterRewards.com platform for sending personalized gift cards to employees report increased retention, satisfaction — and greater productivity. In short, businesses grow faster and achieve greater success when their workforce is well cared for.

Here’s what employees are saying:

  1. “Because I feel like I’m part of the company, I want to do more.”
  2. “I’m happy to give that extra bit of hustle because I know my company appreciates me.”
  3. “My boss thinks I’m indispensable, which is fine by me.”
  4. “I derive a great deal of satisfaction at my job so I make sure our customers are satisfied as well.”
  5. “The culture here matches my values — dignity, respect, innovation. I know I’m in the right place.”