Great leaders aren’t born that way. Over time and through experience, great leaders emerge. One of their traits is the ability to cultivate a powerful workforce. The ability to hire and nurture employee talent can’t be overstated. In fact, employee recognition and rewards are often considered the keys to the kingdom. Architecting a vision, setting objectives, building teams, developing products that solve problems and devising strategies are just the basics.  The distinctive hallmarks of great leadership are the abilities to:


  • Inspire

  • Delegate

  • Motivate

While workers are benefactors of these abilities, they are also the engine to drive differentiating results.

And therein lie the Keys to the Kingdom.

Unleashing the results of inspirational leadership pays off. When leaders apply their skills to identify and encourage outstanding employee contributions, magic happens.

But recognizing outstanding work is just the beginning! The rubber meets the road through employee rewards — making *sure* employees know they are recognized and valued. And, it doesn’t take much to communicate staff appreciation. Simple, sincere gestures speak louder than words. And gift cards are the perfect gesture.

The quest for rewards can be contagious. When employees become aware that executives are closely watching, they strive even harder for recognition.

It’s a vicious cycle of winning that keeps on giving. And THAT’s why Employee Recognition Programs can be the lifeblood of company’s innovation and growth trajectory.

Ready, set…..recognize and reward!

#1 Superstar Employees

Employee Engagement

Gift Card rewards and recognition help create superstar employees who love their jobs.

#1 Superstar Employees

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Employee Motivation & Productivity

Gift cards deliver 100% satisfaction given that employees can purchase exactly what they want.

eGifter Rewards™ 100% Heart

Employee Rewards for Growth

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition Programs are proven drivers of employee retention and job satisfaction.

Employee Rewards for Growth