No matter the product or service, all roads lead to sales. The success or failure of your company hinges on a fierce sales team that can put up the numbers. And, as a great sales leader, you can tip the scales every time. Great leaders know that influencing sales performance is a two pronged deal. First, it’s a skills game. Be sure to offer the training, tools, product expertise, market knowledge and selling value propositions your team needs to beat the competition.  Second, it’s both a motivation challenge and profit opportunity. Given an optimized skill set, it’s time to turn up the juice. Maintaining a full, engaged sales pipeline that consistently produces deals requires sustained motivation. And enjoying the daily hunt with peak enthusiasm separates the heroes from the zeros.

How can you reward skill acquisition and sustain sales momentum? The answer is 1-2-3.


1 Rewards for Acknowledgement
Acknowledgement from Higher Ups

Tip: Have your reps submit three wins every Friday afternoon. The win can be big or small. It can relate to a new sale, retained customer (like a testimonial), quota achievement, competitive takedown or their own professional development.

Pick:  In a handwritten Thank You note, select the most notable win. There’s nothing like a personalized ‘thank you from the boss’ to make a salesperson feel appreciated and valued.

Gift: As a token of your extra esteem, add a gift card reward as a bonus. It does not have to be an extravagant sales reward. A $10 gift card for ‘coffee on you’ gets the sentiment across in an elegant and sincere way. The increased morale and motivation will surely supercharge next week’s results.


2 Rewards for Recognition
Recognition by Peers

Tip: Recognition by one’s contemporaries is extremely satisfying. The emotional connection gained through peer recognition fosters a sense of pride and belonging. When the ‘all-for-one and one-for-all’ feeling truly takes hold, it’s a force to be reckoned with. The momentum your entire organization will experience may surprise you.  

Way to Go: Schedule a monthly team-building event. It’s the perfect way to promote peer recognition and rewards. A quick web search will yield lots of effective team building games and events that are easy to execute.

Don’t Forget: Have great prizes on hand. Naturally, egift card rewards from a self service portal like eGifter Rewards are the best (and easiest) prizes to award at the winner’s circle.


3 Rewards for Motivation
Show me the Money

It’s a Given: Sales people are fundamentally motivated by monetary incentives. Structuring sales competitions, quota incentives and gamified promotions are the hallmark of sales motivation success.

Easy Does It: Execution is easy, courtesy of the eGifter Rewards portal. These Gift Cards will get sales teams into motion, sprinting across the finish line.