If this article caught your eye, you’re probably ready for some careful listening to your customer base.  Stay focused on why customers like your company and products — and why they don’t. Exploring ‘what’s working’ will allow you to do more of the same. And identifying gaps in product quality, pricing and service will help you fix whatever is broken. However, you’ll need to keep an open mind and ask the right questions. The trick, though, is getting people to engage and respond. At eGifter Rewards, we know that survey incentives like gift cards are often the key. Studying best practices for gift cards and customer satisfaction can get you where you need to be.

Why is Customer Satisfaction Important

Satisfied customers are the foundation upon which every successful business rests. They generate a recurring revenue stream that keeps the lights on and the profits streaming. Without customer satisfaction, you probably would not stay in business very long. That’s because replacing lost revenue from unhappy customers is not sustainable. And the only way to find out how people feel about your company is to ask them. Survey incentives are the way to go.

Develop a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

First, identify a research area of focus. Determine the medium for your research survey such as email, phone, text or the Internet. Based on the format, build a simple and succinct set of relevant questions. Then, engineer a strategy for boosting response rates, making sure you know how to get customer feedback. 

Design Survey Incentives Around Key Focus Areas

Best practice dictates that survey response rates dramatically increase with gift card rewards. To motivate respondents to participate, let them know that they will receive a valuable digital gift card after they complete a brief survey.

Survey Incentive Gift Card

Overall customer satisfaction: Gauge positive and negative sentiment about products, specific features and quality. When you find a concentration of concerns about a specific situation, you’ll be in control about how to overcome it.

Product usage: Learn how customers are using your products, which features are most important to them, and which features could be improved. 

Pricing and value: Polling respondents on the perceived value of your products and services will help you set the maximum price that the market will bear. This strategy can drive profit margins to new heights. Gathering feedback about pricing will allow you to pull levers that increase lifetime customer value and keep cash flow humming.

Competitive comparison: Drawing conclusions about strengths and weaknesses in relation to competitors can form the basis of strategic plans that can alter the market. 

As you can see, there are endless ways to improve customer satisfaction, all reliant on accurate data. Getting customers to speak up is the only way forward and all roads lead to incentives and rewards.

Gift Card Rewards

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