Designing an effective gift card sales incentive program for sales teams is a challenge. But, it is also an opportunity for sales executives to have fun and unleash their creativity. The eGifter Rewards platform includes all the features needed to produce a stellar gift card incentive program. With the rewards component easily handled with eGifter Rewards, you can focus on other areas like sales training, proposal automation, pipeline management and reporting.

A Gift Card Incentive Program Is Fun and Engaging

Help your sellers exceed revenue and profitability quotas by getting keeping them motivated throughout long sales cycles. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Brainstorming sessions

Schedule recurring brainstorming sessions with your team, all through the year. Encourage everyone to enthusiastically share innovative selling ideas. Then, reward people for participating. This can be a fun and collaborative way to generate strategic plans and build camaraderie.


Design a gamified incentive program featuring leaderboards to spin up a friendly competition among sales reps. Create challenges, offer rewards, and track progress on a leaderboard. Many sales people are competitive by nature so they will be likely to enjoy the experience.


Add an element of excitement and fun by matching gift card rewards to personalities. With over 300 lifestyle brands in the catalog, there’s something for everyone. Company goals are more apt to be met when performance incentives like gift cards are in place. Plus, your sales reps will have a shopping field day and want to sell more. For example:



The Hallmark of a Great Gift Card Incentive Program

Build in milestones throughout the year where wins and successes are surfaced. Keep everyone’s calendar constantly filled with events that celebrate achievements. You’ll generate momentum, business results and build a tight, loyal team.

Get Started, Get Selling.

In summary, sales executives can make the process of designing a sales incentive program more enjoyable by incorporating fun elements such as brainstorming sessions, gamification, creative themes and celebrations. Schedule a free consultation to see how eGifter Rewards can help you.