A cohesive and motivated sales team is the lifeblood of any company. Acquiring qualified prospects and moving them through the purchase path is both an art and a science. Leveraging all the tricks of the trade is key because it takes a village to deliver sales and revenue goals. One of the greatest ways to keep sales teams productive and engaged is to reward sales quotas. A well design rewards and incentives program helps sales representatives stay on top of their game. This strategy helps new business sales reps, customer retention teams and customers themselves. Not to mention, it delivers payback in spades for you, the quarterback of the entire sales organization. If you want to know how to reward sales quotas with gift cards, read on.

Reward Sales Quotas at Every Pipeline Stage

Why not use every stage of the sales funnel as an opportunity to acknowledge a milestone and deliver a sales reward, like a gift card? By keeping the process moving through a simple yet motivating reward, you are accomplishing a tremendous feat in an easy, logical and encouraging way.

Here are the stages in the sales process at which you can pause to say Thanks and Go Get ‘Em. 

  • Develop the sales & marketing plan
  • Identify audience, messaging and tools
  • Marketing Campaign outreach and follow-up
  • Secure qualified leads and design customized prospect pitch
    • Schedule Consultation
    • Deliver Proposal
    • Close the Deal

Here’s what this approach looks like in a planning format.

Pipeline Stage Milestone Incentive / Reward What it accomplishes
Sales and Marketing Plan Development Executive review and approval $50 Gift Card for Bluetooth Headset Establishes commitment to program success by management.

Generates enthusiasm and bias toward action for members of the sales team.

Finalize the tactics and specific materials Executive review and approval $25 Gift Card for Dining Out Gives the sales team confidence that their creative materials and sales pitch is accurate and effective. Now the team can go forward powerfully.
Launch the Sales Campaign Campaign is executed on time and within budget $100 Gift Card for Leather Briefcase Celebrates a milestone moment and allows the team to pivot toward one-to-one communication with prospects
Weekly Review Consistent cadence $25 Gift Card for Spa Day or Health Conscious Item Keeps activities in motion and drives accountability.

Subtle way of engendering friendly competition, which causes sales reps to push harder to win.

Close the Deal Signed Contract eGifter Rewards Choice Card for value commensurate with the deal Celebrates each win and encourages sales teams to get more!

Some sales leaders feel that the hardest part is identifying how to motivate salespeople. At eGifter Rewards, we feel that this is the easiest and lowest hanging fruit there is. With choices among hundreds of gift card brands, there is something for everyone — and motivation becomes a simple touch along a winning continuum.

Now, go get ‘em!