Regardless of the industry or target audience, designing unique and impactful, fun-filled marketing promotions is the game at hand. Increase sales revenue, engage customers and build your marketing database. The key is to leverage personalized gift card rewards. Here are 4 marketing promo ideas you can use now and always.

4 Marketing Ideas

4 Marketing Promo Ideas You Can Use Now

1. Incentive to Purchase Promotions

Who doesn’t love a good promotional purchase incentive? Sometimes customers need just a bit of extra motivation to get over the hump to complete their purchase. Encouraging the purchaser with a gift card reward can be the tipping point that closes the sale. And there are so many great reasons to use Gift Cards like brand differentiation, endless creative tie-ins and easy execution — not to mention fun!

2. Enter to Win Contest Promotions

Amplifying your message by leveraging social media contests is one of the most effective ways available to boost your brand, generate buzz and add followers. The most successful contests are the ones with gift card cash out. And, no prize is more awesome than a Gift Card. For the best results, make the contest easy to enter and simple to win. If you don’t have a Gift Card for your own brand — give them an eGifter Rewards Choice Card to spend on the retail brand they want most.

3. Customer Appreciation Promotions

The interesting thing about appreciation is that it’s universal. We all want it. With regard to customer appreciation, we all know that competition is stiff. Folks can spend their money in lots of other places. So when they choose to spend it with you, reinforcing their choice is a smart move if you want to increase their lifetime value and encourage future business.

There’s a cool thing that happens when you thank and acknowledge your customers with Gift Cards. Sure, the surprise and delight creates a warm feeling. But more than that, it etches into minds and hearts a preference for your brand. And that preference lasts long after the gift card has been spent.

4. Market Research Survey Rewards

Gone are the days of customer engagement without incentives or rewards. Everyone knows their opinions are valuable and that their “yes” vote, positive rating or great review is something businesses really want. Consumers know there is monetary worth in their having completed a marketing research survey. Encouraging consumer participation in marketing research surveys with Gift Card rewards is the Way to Go. With Gift Cards, there’s now a great built-in offer. And executing is beyond simple through your self administered marketing program. Ready, set, reward!