Gamification is here to stay. Injecting gamification ideas and strategies into your Incentive Compensation Plan can be a lightweight effort that delivers heavyweight results for your company. Many thousands of companies like yours are getting great results by using merit and incentive reward schemes to align employees’ objectives with company goals. By using performance-linked incentives (PLI) as a form of payment to an employee or salesperson, connecting performance to output is possible — and you can generate powerful, profitable results. A simple yet effective rewards and motivation system with built-in pay for performance can send employee motivation through the roof with non-cash rewards, incentive travel and of course, eRewards like gift cards.

The Point: Performance Incentives work best when they rely on a gamification strategy. And gift cards are the best payoff you’ll find anywhere.

Wondering what behaviors to gamify?

As youngsters in the playground, gaming first became a basic part of life. It’s one reason why games can easily become a daily habit — like ‘playing’ Facebook and Instagram. Inline with that thinking, studies show that games satisfy a basic human desire for achievement. So, applying the notion of ‘Do-This-And-Get-That’ toward job performance and sales results is completely logical — and super powerful.

There are lots of ways to gamify sales activity and employee engagement & motivation. In fact, if you can think of a behavior that will enhance your business, you can think of a way to encourage it through incentives and rewards.

For sales teams, here are a few examples of results you can drive:

New Client Wins * Quota Busting * Competitive Takedowns * RFP’s Won * Units Sold * Percentage Repeat Business * Best Customer Testimonial * Cold Calls Completed *  LinkedIn Posts

To recognize and reward employees and workers, here are a few examples of positive actions and desired behaviors you can encourage:

Consecutive Days Worked * Employee Referrals * Service Anniversaries * Employee of the Month * Wellness Results (weight loss, smoking cessation, exercise goals) * Training Sessions Completed * Projects Completed

Whether you structure awards using points, badges, votes, or rankings you’ll get the biggest bang when displaying results on leaderboards, visible to the entire team. Peer pressure is a great motivator for performance and healthy competition is a great way to squeeze the dry towel.

The Payoff: Gift Cards are better than cash

Giving your employees the permission, and the means, to have fun is a powerful motivator. What’s more, you’re showing your regard for workers as people. They are sure to appreciate YOUR appreciation for the work they’re doing to meet the common goals of the company.

Here are five gift card ideas that demonstrate the spirit you’re working so hard to impart. The key? Match rewards to people. Not to worry — this is EASY to do at eGIfter Rewards, by letting them choose exactly the gift cards they want from a marketplace with over 300 lifestyle brands with something for everyone.

Gift Cards for Gamers! The players in the crowd are the social influencers of today. Earn their loyalty and regard by giving them what they want: the power to play. Here are the gift cards they’ll love: Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo eShop, Gamestop, Acorns, Rixty, GoCash, Net Dragon Universal, Roblox, Neopets, JumpStart School of Dragons, World of Tanks, Jagex Runescape

Gift Cards for Athletes! Because one gift card can open an entire world of fun for both athletes and spectators, retailers like these are the ones they’ll love: Nike, Adidas, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shops, Callaway, Champs Sports, Fanatics,, Go Play Golf, Golf There, ProAm Golf, Top Golf, Steiner Sports

Gift Cards for Binge Watchers! The freedom to stream anytime, anywhere, across devices is one reason tv and movie fans love gift cards like CBS All Access, HBO Now, HuluPlus,Showtime,, WWE Network and iTunes

Gift Cards for Adventurers! You’ll be hard pressed to find a selection of fantastic, experiential incentive and rewards ideas as the ones available at Great American Days, Vimbly, TripGift, REI, Amtrak, Kemah Boardwalk, Shutterfly

Gift Cards for Everyday People. Because we’ve got to live together. And stores like these are the ones that serve our everyday needs: Target, Walmart, Macy’s, Belk, Bed Bath & Beyond, Boscov’s, Groupon, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Sierra Trading Post and Staples.

And so on, and so on, and scooby dooby do.