Get ready to save the day, Employee Appreciation Day, that is. eGifter Rewards is ready to make the process simple and stress-free so you can focus on what really matters: showing your appreciation. We have 250+ digital gift cards which you can quickly customize with your logo, a message and a digital greeting card. There is a gift card for every budget, with no minimum order or long-term commitment. There’s no better way to foster teamwork and loyalty than to send employee rewards. When you say thanks with gift card rewards on Employee Appreciation Day, you’ll feel like a hero and they will too.

Be a Hero on Employee Appreciation Day

Here are some suggestions for Employee Appreciation Day on March 3:

  • $5 – Send a gift card for their favorite coffee spot. A small sign of appreciation can have a big impact
  • $25 – Treat your remote team to lunch with a meal delivery gift card
  • $50 – Send a streaming service subscription as a monthly reminder to enjoy some downtime.

Not sure what to send? When you send the eGifter Rewards Choice Card™, your employees can choose their own gift card brand. Being a superhero just got a little easier.

In the age of “quiet quitting” and economic uncertainty ahead, acknowledging and engaging employees is more important than ever. Study after study finds that lack of recognition or feeling unappreciated is a key reason valuable employees leave an organization, but it is also one that can be easily rectified.

Get Started — Register Now

Here’s how to take the first step on Employee Appreciation Day:

  1. Register for a free account at No minimums and no long term commitment required.
  2. Fund your account by ACH or credit card.
  3. Upload a spreadsheet with employee email addresses or mobile numbers.
  4. Add your logo, a heartfelt message and a fun eGreeting Card.
  5. Employees choose their favorite gift cards and feel loved!

So get ready to flex your super powers. Follow this link to and you’ll be on your way.