Today’s demanding times require a new kind of perseverance among consumers, business owners and workers that may well define our future. Business owners that develop alternative strategies and invent innovative ways to maximize resources will gain the edge. And more than ever, it is imperative that staff engagement and employee motivation remain strong. We need them to stay healthy and well, both physically and mentally. Compassionate leaders recognize that employee motivation is a precious resource during COVID-19. Gift card rewards can help.

Employee Motivation is a Lynchpin in Today’s Trying Times

Studies Show Gift Cards Motivate Workers More Effectively Than Cash

A study conducted by BYU, the research team at reported on employee stress. It said that 25% of survey respondents report a fear of burn out within the next year if they continue along the current stress path. The same study looked for ways to encourage wellness driven behavior among employees. A portion of the respondents to the wellness challenge selected gift card rewards versus other reward currencies. Of those, 25% were more likely to successfully complete the challenge and thus benefit from the wellness activities.

Similarly, a study conducted by with a focus on employee wellness explored motivation and productivity. The context was health challenges, rewards and successful outcomes. They found that even though employees selected cash rewards more than twice as often as gift cards, those that chose gift cards had the greatest success.

Employee Health and Wellness: A Mandate for Personal and Business Success

Your employees are struggling with challenges posed by real health and safety threats. That, combined with other pressures, applies severe stress to employees and their families. The healthier and stronger they are, the better off you’ll be. Here are a few ways you can improve employee motivation.

Stay Positive and Connected

  • Schedule a daily check-in with your team where everyone can deliver a quick and simple briefing.
  • At the end of each report, give workers the opportunity to share with the team a positive moment of their day.
  • Taking a beat to say (and hear) ‘what’s good’ offers a moment of levity and positivity.
  • Ask your staff and colleagues what you can do for them.

Remain Motivated

  • An easy way to keep employees working powerfully and productively is to support them through recognition.
  • For remote workers, recognition demonstrates that you care about their work and wellbeing.
  • For workers who are physically showing up on-site, recognition demonstrates that you appreciate them.
  • Find opportunities to thank them with a gift card for essentials like groceries, pharmacy and home goods.
  • The positive regard, loyalty and commitment from employees will be well worth it.

Maintain a Strategic Focus

Evaluate and invest in easy, cost-efficient and cross organizational business automation tools like the eGifter Rewards gift card platform.

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