The unrelenting pressure of having to “do more with less” can be a drain on our productivity (and psyche!) — on a daily basis. Why is it that our ever growing task lists never seem to whittle away? Looming deadlines always seem to be upon us and it feels impossible to get ahead of our To Do’s. Many of us perform double-duty, taking on job responsibilities to compensate for understaffed teams, whether in Human Resources, Customer Support, Sales & Business Development, Marketing, IT, Software Development or Purchasing. We all have competing priorities that make a work life balance hard to achieve. And, because there is no official job description for “Chief Corporate Gifting Officer”, the task of shopping for and distributing business gifts (especially holiday business gifts) usually falls to a busy person who oftentimes has limited time time, skill sets or tools to get it done.  Time sensitive projects related to gift giving can be a bear to manage — like employee reward programs, sales motivation campaigns, marketing promotions, corporate incentive programs and holiday gift giving. Finding an easy-to-use corporate gifting solution (with no hidden fees) that gives us our time back may well be the lifesaver we need to get through the tough times at work.

Don’t Settle for Survive — when you can Thrive

The Corporate Gifting Survival Kit we have in mind comes complete with:

  • 100% chance to give a gift, incentive or reward the person will love
  • Customized messages and photos to make the experience touching and memorable
  • Never having to stand in line, wrap a physical package or deal with a return
  • Simple payment processing that is trackable and reportable
  • Secure access so your executive team trusts the platform and lets you do your job

Get Your Time Back — and Do More with Less.

Given the right toolkit (aka eGifter Rewards, the Corporate Gifting Survival Kit), you can get the job done and cross off ‘earn kudos’ from your To Do List.