The number of gaming apps that pay users to play games or perform specific tasks is staggering. Mobile apps and games can be addicting. However, they are terrific outlets for boredom, anxiety and energy. Mundane moments like waiting in line or traveling as a passenger can pass more quickly when playing a game. That said, game app winners love racking up points, miles, tokens and eRewards (like giftcards!). The eGifter Gift Card API lets game designers and app developers apply cash out with gift card rewards. Redeeming tokens with real world currency through gift card rewards keeps them engaged and coming back for more.

Instant Gratification with the Gift Card Rewards App

If your game app utilizes point or token scoring, then converting wins into gift cards is a logical next step. The eGifter API is the best and fastest way to instantly procure and send selected retail branded gift cards. With hundreds of gift cards — all available in various denominations — you can fulfill point rewards with the lightning speed your app requires.

The eGifter Gift Card API lets game designers and app developers apply cash out rewards to games — with creative license galore!

Regardless of whether your game design relies on a points scoring system or not, you can ALSO motivate positive user behaviors, keeping folks engaged with your brand through giftcard incentives and rewards. Awarding gift cards for specific tasks or behaviors can convert one time trial downloads into active players that are loyal and engaged. Loyal and satisfied brand ambassadors spread the word socially, adding an exponential layer of activity.

Cash Out Rewards Loyalty, Sharing, and Engagement

In addition to the straightforward redemption of points, consider the dynamic potential of defining specific actions and behaviors that can reward user loyalty through a robust gift card rewards app. The versatility of the eGifter Gift Card API empowers software developers to seamlessly integrate this innovative solution into their platforms. Let’s delve into the expanded possibilities of each interaction:

Follow Your Social Channel

Encourage users to connect and engage with your brand on social media platforms. A simple follow can translate into an enhanced sense of community and brand affinity. By integrating the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can seamlessly offer gift cards as rewards for this valuable user action.

Complete a Survey

Gather valuable insights from your user base by incentivizing them to complete surveys. With the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can effortlessly integrate a reward system, providing users with gift cards as a token of appreciation for their time and feedback.

Post a Social Review

Leverage user-generated content by encouraging customers to share their experiences through social reviews. Enhance user participation by integrating the eGifter Gift Card API, turning each review into an opportunity to reward contributors with gift cards.

Watch an Advertisement

Monetize user engagement by incorporating video advertisements. Motivate users to watch ads by offering a gift card as an incentive through the eGifter Gift Card API. This creates a win-win scenario where users enjoy rewards for their time, and advertisers benefit from increased visibility.

Refer a Friend

Transform satisfied users into brand advocates by implementing a referral program. With the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can seamlessly integrate a reward system that compensates users with gift cards for successfully referring friends, thereby fostering brand advocacy.

View a Video

Enhance user engagement by incorporating entertaining or informative videos. By utilizing the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can introduce a reward mechanism, encouraging users to watch videos in exchange for valuable gift cards.

Share an Opinion

Facilitate user expression by inviting opinions and feedback. Developers can leverage the eGifter Gift Card API to reward users for sharing their thoughts and opinions, creating an interactive and rewarding user experience.

Click on a Link

Drive user traffic and interaction by incentivizing link clicks. With the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can seamlessly integrate a reward system that motivates users to click on links with the promise of valuable gift cards.

Request a Coupon

Encourage users to actively seek out discounts and promotions by requesting coupons. Developers can utilize the eGifter Gift Card API to integrate a reward system, offering gift cards as incentives for users actively engaging with promotional offers.

Like Your Social Share

Amplify social media engagement by motivating users to like and share your content. The eGifter Gift Card API enables developers to seamlessly incorporate a reward system, granting users gift cards for actively participating in social sharing.

Enter a Promotional Contest

Foster excitement and participation by organizing promotional contests. The eGifter Gift Card API allows developers to integrate a reward mechanism, enticing users to participate with the allure of gift card prizes.

Why the eGifter Gift Card Rewards App?

By implementing the eGifter Gift Card API, developers can seamlessly integrate a comprehensive gift card rewards app into their platforms, transforming routine user interactions into rewarding and engaging experiences. This not only enhances user satisfaction but also establishes a loyal and motivated user base.

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