If you’re not closing deals at trade shows and conferences, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Here’s why: While you’re team is staffing the booth, your highest potential prospects may be on the trade show floor, but not yet engaged with you. They may be at an educational session or meeting with a competitor. If  they are not talking to you, you’re in trouble. That can be frustrating. Trade shows are the perfect venue to invite, engage and reward customers and prospects. Enter the eGifter Rewards platform, where gift cards are the perfect motivator to encourage people to engage. When you reward customers with gift cards, you gain their attention and the chance to persuade them.

Reward Customers for Visiting Your Trade Show Booth

The Total Rewards Conference, held last week in Orlando, FLA, was attended by over 1,000 Human Resource executives tasked with distributing cash and non-cash items to recognize, incentivize and reward employees. These HR leaders are dealing with compensation analysis, merit incentives, merchandise distribution, performance motivation and employee rewards all year round, not just during peak holiday seasons.

Going into the conference, we knew for sure that the eGifter Rewards Platform would be a perfect fit. However, we also knew that because of competing priorities, our booth may not have been on their short list to visit.

Here’s a closer look at our own experience with an eye toward how *you* might apply the same tradeshow customer attraction strategy. It also reveals how eGifter Rewards solves pain points that may be extremely familiar to you.

Get a FREE $10 Choice Gift Card to Reward Customers

Our postal mailer invited attendees to claim their free Gift Card by visiting our booth. True, the only reason they may stopped by was to claim their $10 reward. However, their visit ultimately produced an in-booth experience that mapped to their business challenges. Had we not given these folks a reason to chat, they would have missed out on a solution they truly need.

Engagement Gets Them to Share Pain Points…

We were not surprised by the stories. Neither were we surprised by the overwhelming percentage of visitors that asked for follow-up meetings to get approval from decision makers to sign-up for eGifter Rewards.

“Our 1,950 employees are tired of receiving branded merchandise. How many logo’d items can a person have? Our people want items of real value that they’ll actually enjoy. And, we agree! We just need an easy, affordable way to execute.”

“I work for a biotech company — clearly high tech. Yet, our solution is as low-tech as they come. Our employees earn rewards based on a point system. Can you believe that employees physically visit my desk during certain hours so that I can retrieve merchandise from a closet? Help!”

Create Opportunities to Offer Your Solution

The example shared here illustrates how a simple direct mailer can be tremendously successful when paired with a gift card offer. This compelling item of value encouraged prospects to visit the booth and then speak freely about their needs. From there, the deal pipeline flows.

Contact us to see how gift card rewards can work for you.