While the lighter (and more emotional) side of distributing gift card cashouts, rewards and incentives is fun and delightful, the ‘Taking Care of Business’ side is a meets-minimum requirement. When evaluating features for Gift Card Rewards platforms, be sure to review this checklist to make sure you get the features and program management capabilities you need. By implementing an automated incentive distribution platform, you’ll avoid the time and expense of gift card inventory sourcing, software  development, risk management and site maintenance. Instead, focus on building your business and increasing your bottom line.

*Your* Rewards App or Incentive Marketing Program…

…*Our* Gift Card Catalog and Distribution Technology 

Once your user has accumulated points on your platform, they can exchange them for gift cards. It’s a hand-in-glove partnership that begins with identifying the features and functionality gaps you need to fill in with a partner solution.

Feature Assessment Checklist

Digital Platform + Program Administration

• Turnkey Rewards Platform encapsulated within your native application
• Activation options allow customized event triggers and redemption rules
• Real time dashboard reporting displays KPIs and analytics

Retail Brands & Inventory Management

• Extensive gift card catalog across dozens of retail categories
• Access to over 300 brands with the ability to limit
• eGifter Rewards Choice gift card is generic, redeemable for a preferred brand
• Closed Loop Cards like Vanilla eGift VISA

Advanced, Secure Technology

• Access via API or Portal
• PCI Compliant
• Mobile Responsive
• ADA Accessible
• Security options like 2 Factor Authentication

Market Leading Sales & Support

• Contract Management best practices
• Dedicated Sales and Account Management team
• World class customer support with ability to service your end-users

Customized Gift Card Distribution and Delivery 

• Digital (Email or SMS)
• Physical (Plastic)
• Printouts, certificates and coupons for hand delivery and postal mail distribution
• Distribution flexibility to fulfill self-sufficiently from your own app, platform or system
• Users can redeem themselves or regift to a friend

Flexible Payment Options

• Check or ACH
• Wire Transfer
• Credit Card

And Last But Not Least…

An Exciting and Engaging User Experience!

• Rich personalization tools — memorable and meaningful gifts, rewards and fulfillment items
• Optional Photo or Video Messages
• Animated Greeting Cards
• Simple redemption process so users can shop at their convenience to buy items they love