With holiday season in full swing and in-person events a reality, handing out physical gift cards to employees is a wonderful corporate gifting solution. (Think team building events, staff recognition ceremonies, new employee training incentives, trade show give-away items.) In addition to that, in-person holiday parties are back! Given that the holiday crush will soon be upon us, now is the time to make plans for holiday gifting. Bulk gift cards make it easy to impress gift recipients across the board, like employees, customers and marketing survey respondents. Fun fact: Across a gift portfolio with over 250 retail brands, the Visa eReward gift card has emerged as a favorite. With this complete guide to buy bulk gift cards, your holiday season just got a little brighter.

Let’s Get Going with Bulk Gift Cards

eGifter Rewards provides a web-based portal (or API) to bulk purchase and distribute gift cards as part of an incentive or rewards program. These plans include promotional campaigns, customer engagement, employee holiday gifts, customer loyalty programs and sales recognition compensation. When you streamline your gifting program through bulk gift cards, you gain cost-efficiencies everywhere. The eGifter Rewards Platform is at your service.

A Complete Guide to a Solution that Fits.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept for my Bulk Gift Card Order?

We accept a variety of payment methods including ACH, Bank Wire and Credit Card.

Do Gift Cards Expire?

Gift card expiration dates are controlled by you based on your program requirements

How Long Does It Take to Setup An eGifter Rewards Account?

Once your account is approved, you can send funds immediately. You can place orders as soon as funds hit your account. Register for an eGifter Rewards account here.

No Commitment. No Minimums.

In short, there are none! Order what you need, pay as you go. There is no long term commitment and no minimum order quantity or volume.

A hallmark feature of the eGifter Rewards gift card platform is the ability to create personalized messages to an unlimited number of recipients. With it, you can easily purchase, configure and send thoughtful, meaningful gifts to individual recipients (or, thousands at a time).

Need to mail plastic gift cards packaged in envelope mailers? Great! We offer that solution.

Need to email or text digital gift cards now (or later?) Great! We offer that solution.

Give Gift Cards. Get Measurable Results.

Unlocking the power of bulk gift cards goes beyond the act of giving – it’s about reaping measurable results. When you choose eGifter Rewards for your corporate gifting needs, you’re not just providing gifts; you’re making an investment in motivation, encouragement, and recognition.

For example, wondering how to buy Visa gift cards in bulk? Our platform offers a seamless solution, allowing you to effortlessly purchase and distribute Visa eReward gift cards, a standout choice within our extensive portfolio featuring over 250 retail brands.

Beyond the convenience of procurement, the eGifter Rewards platform empowers you with out of the box reporting, financial tracking and activity analysis. Whether you choose to mail physical gift cards packaged in envelope mailers or prefer the immediacy of email or text for digital gift cards, eGifter Rewards provides versatile solutions tailored to your preferences.

The impact of your corporate gifting efforts extends beyond goodwill; it becomes a strategic initiative with tangible, measurable outcomes. With no long-term commitment, minimum order constraints, or volume limitations, eGifter Rewards gives you the flexibility to meet your specific needs.

Elevate your corporate gifting experience and unlock the potential of bulk gift cards with eGifter Rewards. Contact an Account Manager today for a tailored solution that aligns with your gifting objectives.

You’ll leave an indelible impression that motivates, encourages and rewards. The effort will be negligible and the ROI will be measurable.