Looking for creative ways to reward employees? One not-so obvious avenue is to help them retire student loan debt, either for themselves or a family member. After a three year pause, Federal student loan payments are now resuming. That makes Gift of College™ gift cards an ideal option for employee incentives and staff rewards. Anyone trying to pay down student loan debt knows that every bit can help. So, helping your team improve their quality of life and strengthen their financial position is a motivating strategy. Gift of College gift cards, redeemed at GiftofCollege.com, are a great way to go.

“In order to pursue education and job training without the weight of debt we must meet people where they are in their journey. That is why we are so thrilled to have Gift of College gift cards represented in the eGifter Rewards catalog, where together we can help millions of Americans chase their dreams.”

Wayne Weber, CEO and Founder of GiftOfCollege.com

Reward Employees with GiftOfCollege.com Gift Cards

As business leaders look for ways to recognize and retain talent in a competitive landscape, finding an edge becomes key. That’s why the eGifter Rewards platform is an ace in the hole for so many great companies. Socially responsible reward options often make the difference in employee satisfaction and loyalty. When workers feeling proud of their company and aligned with corporate values, they tend to work harder and stay longer. Carefully selecting rewards like the Gift of College gift card demonstrates exactly that. As a solutions provider, eGifter Rewards is proud to exclusively offer the Purpose Choice Card and the set of socially responsible rewards within it, including the Gift Of College gift card.

Employee Rewards

Help employees reduce student debt with the Gift of College gift card

Finding ways to differentiate your company can be a challenge. Compensation and benefits are typically the foundation. With the Gift of College gift card for employee rewards, you now have one more arrow in your quiver. It can go a long way toward relieving stress and improving the financial wellness of your workforce.

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