Hard to believe that we’re knee deep into summer. First Half 2019 is a faded memory. Summer vacations are upon us. The hustle of meeting year-end quotas and performance milestones hasn’t reached its year-end frantic pace. Given all of that, now is the perfect time for a mid-year checkpoint to review objectives, results and weigh in on employee satisfaction and performance. An informal mid-year touch base offers a great chance to connect with staff, see where corrections can be made and perhaps add some new goals based on what’s transpired so far this year. It’s also an excellent opportunity to provide encouragement and promote staff loyalty. At the same time, why not share gift card rewards for the job-well-done and an advance note of corporate appreciation for the forthcoming efforts later in the year with a well thought out employee rewards program?

Today’s performance management practices are evolving toward continuous improvement. HR professionals and people managers agree that annual reviews are not delivering the desired business outcomes. The trend toward more frequent and more informal reviews has emerged*.

Mid-Year Reviews Are Rewarding and Valuable for All

By anticipating the start of 2nd Half and scheduling an informal conversation now, you can gather mid-year feedback that can motivate employee performance, monitor progress and validate that business goals are on track.

More than that, you can:

  1. Give employees an opportunity to course-correct a problem before it’s too late 
  2. Open a comfortable communication channel to address a problematic issue (or awesome new opportunity!) that would have otherwise gone ignored
  3. Offer positive employee feedback that may spur additional enthusiasm and motivation 
  4. Uncover new information that was not available when goals and compensation plans were originally established 
  5. Foster an additional layer of coaching to enhance employee development
  6. Discover errors and put measures in place to avoid them going forward
  7. Gather employee feedback and insights from the front lines that can be shared across the organization and build competitive advantages

With the GifterRewards.com platform, you’ll have an easy and effective way to reinforce productive conversations held at the mid-year performance review checkpoint. With even a small token of appreciation, like a $25 eReward or eGift Card, you can gain a lot of mileage out of the mid-year review process with an employee rewards program. Relying on gift cards as a closing line to a candid conversation can go a long way toward building trust, commitment and regard between your company and your employees.

Reference: 2018 State of Continuous Management Survey by Betterworks