It’s hard to believe that we’re knee deep into summer. The first half of the year is now a faded memory. Summer vacations are upon us. The hustle of meeting year-end quotas and performance milestones hasn’t reached its year-end frantic pace. Given all of that, now is the perfect time for an employee mid-year review to review objectives, satisfaction, and performance. An informal touch base offers a good chance for course correction. It’s also an excellent opportunity to provide encouragement and promote staff loyalty. Employee gift cards are always a good reinforcement tool. Any employee incentive program review starts with eGifter Rewards. It begins with a mid-year checkpoint: employee performance reviews.

Today’s performance management practices are evolving toward continuous improvement. HR professionals and people managers agree that annual reviews are not delivering the desired business outcomes. The trend toward more frequent and more informal reviews has emerged*.

Start Scheduling Employee Performance Reviews

By anticipating the start of 2nd Half and scheduling an informal conversation now, you can gather mid-year feedback that can motivate employee performance, monitor progress and validate that business goals are on track.

Beyond a mere assessment, the mid-year review offers a spectrum of benefits:

  1. Course Correction Opportunities: Providing employees a chance to course-correct issues before they escalate ensures that challenges are addressed promptly, contributing to a more agile and adaptive workforce.
  2. Facilitating Open Communication: Creating a comfortable channel for dialogue allows addressing potential problems or exploring new opportunities that might have otherwise been overlooked.
  3. Encouraging Positive Feedback: Recognizing and appreciating positive aspects of employee performance not only boosts morale but also serves as a catalyst for additional enthusiasm and motivation.
  4. Uncovering New Information: As business landscapes evolve, insights gained during the mid-year review might reveal new information that was not available when goals and compensation plans were initially set.
  5. Enhanced Employee Development: The mid-year review introduces an additional layer of coaching, fostering continuous employee development and growth.
  6. Error Identification and Prevention: Identifying errors and implementing preventive measures based on mid-year insights is pivotal for optimizing performance in the upcoming months.
  7. Gathering Frontline Insights: Frontline employees often possess valuable insights that can shape strategies and provide a competitive advantage. The mid-year review becomes a conduit for collecting these frontline perspectives.

Leveraging for Effective Mid-Year Reviews

With the platform, organizations gain an effortless and impactful way to fortify the conversations held during mid-year performance reviews. A modest yet meaningful token of appreciation, such as a $25 eReward or eGift Card, can significantly amplify the effectiveness of the mid-year review process within an employee rewards program. The strategic integration of gift cards into the dialogue fosters trust, commitment, and mutual regard between companies and their employees, setting the stage for continued growth and success in the second half of the year.

With the platform, you’ll have an easy and effective way to reinforce productive conversations held at the mid-year performance review checkpoint. With even a small token of appreciation, like a $25 eReward or eGift Card, you can gain a lot of mileage out of the mid-year review process with an employee rewards program. Relying on gift cards as a closing line to a candid conversation can go a long way toward building trust, commitment, and regard between your company and your employees.

Reference: 2018 State of Continuous Management Survey by Betterworks