Every market segment has been disrupted by the internet and again by the COVID-19 crisis. The trade show and event industries are no exception. They’ve been hit hard. We’re proud that our client Event Strategy Group is demonstrating how to pivot with digital gift cards. They’ve mastered virtual events and proven that gift cards power them. “The disruptions and challenges have been tough, “ said Steven Pancoe, EGS Production Manager. “However, we emerged as the superstar in virtual events. We plan meticulously, produce creatively and execute better than anyone. Plus, we have a lot of fun doing it.“ We’re proud to share this Client Spotlight: Event Strategy Group.

Event Strategy Group – A Top 100 Agency for Virtual Events

Recently named one of Event Marketer’s Top 100 Agencies, ESG is a rising star. They excel at producing memorable experiences for audiences. With 24/7 access to eGifterRewards.com, traditional event swag for attendees has been replaced with digital gift cards. Measurable results are well in hand.

“The screen is the new stage.  And audiences love gift cards. The evidence is undeniable. Gift cards are great motivators for visits, engagement and loyalty. So far, we’re seeing preference for gift card brands like Uber Eats, Wine.com and Vanilla® eGift Visa® Virtual cards.”

True to economic theory, the entire supply chain is adapting. The global reboot is ON for event producers, promoters and attendees. Today, we face a crossroads in marketing and technology. And because gift cards power virtual events, eGifter Rewards is at the epicenter.

With acceptance levels high, trade shows, conferences, keynotes, meetings and workshops will remain 100% virtual for a while. Because of that, new ways to incentivize and reward virtual attendees must be found.

ESG is excited to offer virtual event strategy and production services for engagements of all sizes. This ranges from intimate 15-person events to massive, multi-thousand attendee conferences. Across all, ESG helps companies navigate and thrive in the virtual landscape.

If your event sales or marketing teams are looking for an edge, let eGifter Rewards help. Our self-service platform and gift card API will empower you. Instant, round the clock access to gift card premium incentives delight everyone. With hundreds of retail brands, eGifter Rewards is your trusted partner during this virtual revolution. Time and again, gift cards power virtual events. And, eGifter Rewards powers you.

“The eGifter Rewards platform is extremely easy to use! Our account team is always there for us. We highly recommend!” 

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