The team at ConsejoSano, headquartered in North Hollywood, California, understands people, culture and determinants of health. They offer a myriad of employee rewards solutions, fully multicultural and inclusive. Because of that, healthcare needs of underserved populations are being met like never before. In short, the systems they develop serve millions of people. This week’s client spotlight: ConsejoSano to Reward Healthy Lifestyles.

ConsejoSano Rewards

To Reward Healthy Lifestyles is to Spread Good Health

In any language, health is #1, but today’s healthcare system does not work for many patients. Because ConsejoSano solutions are available in 25+ languages, now millions more patients have the chance to achieve and maintain good health. Leave it to ConsejoSano to reward healthy lifestyles.

Bridging Disparity to Make Healthcare Work for Everyone

World class solutions from ConsejoSano are actively closing the divide. Their suite of world-class technologies are designed to engage patients. Compassionately delivered programs are wrapped in a localized culture and language approach that builds trust. Together, these rest on an underpinning of incentives and rewards. The result? A new set of healthy, responsible behaviors that are preventing illness, saving money and improving people’s lives.

Gift Card Rewards for Healthy Behaviors

Feedback from patients engaged in ConsejoSano’s reward program indicate they love receiving gift cards by email, text message and postal mail. Because many members are Medicaid enrollees, the extra money for groceries, toiletries, and school supplies goes a long way. What’s more, the ConsejoSano administrative team appreciates the ease of use in procuring and distributing gift card rewards. Clear metrics and reporting helps the team measure success and find ways to improve health outcomes.

 Circumstance The Past. Today and Tomorrow – with eGifter Rewards.
Language Barriers Non-native English speakers can be deterred from visiting doctors because they feel embarrassed or fearful. The result? The sick get sicker. ConsejoSano incentivizes wellness check-ups that prevent avoidable ER visits and help diagnose health issues early.
Misinformation Around Vaccine Decisions Citizens opt to avoid COVID vaccine for fear it is dangerous create health risks to their community. ConsejoSano produces easy-to-read, language- and culture-tailored materials to help people understand the facts and use rewards to motivate engagement.
Patient Non-Compliance Underserved, sick and stressed patients that miss appointments can impact the entire scheduling flow, causing other patients to go without services while wasting precious time of physicians. ConsejoSano encourages desired behaviors around responsible cancellations, tele-health options and on-time check-ins by issuing valuable rewards and recognition.


The ConsejoSano Team is Growing

ConsejoSano is growing rapidly! They’re hiring for a lot of different roles. Are you wondering what 2021 might look like? Are you passionate about better serving the underserved through digital health and technology? If so, visit  You’ll see that ConsejoSano rewards healthier lives, and perhaps you can too.

A special thanks to Nicole Cook, VP of Client Relations at ConsejoSano, for sharing the details of her team’s experience with eGifter Rewards.