In today’s connected world, people expect high touch, personalized, relevant experiences. Your technical infrastructure is well established and your investment in software is deep. But, are you leveraging it all to meet expectations across all touch points? Enter the eGifter Rewards Gift Card API™  aka business gift card catalog as a service. With a gift card API, your team can get more done with less while building the business all-the-while. A quick inventory of your existing technology platforms may reveal that you are perfectly positioned to automate rewards and incentives. With our bulk order Gift Card API™, a full gift catalog with hundreds of great gift cards can be injected across your corporate ecosystem. It’s easy, smart and affordable to deliver rewards instantly with our Gift Card API™.  

Existing Platform Checklist

Platform: Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)

Integration Enables Employee Recognition Programs, Wellness Rewards,  Employee Holiday Gifts

HRMS systems are low hanging fruit for a HRMS rewards integration. You’ve invested in a secure system to manage employee records, supervisor approvals, staff hiring, compensation and performance management. A simple and seamless integration will allow you to purchase gift cards in bulk. Suddenly, it takes no effort to acknowledge staff milestones and thank them for their efforts. Encouraging employee health and wellness with rewards becomes a reality. It’s an employee retention and culture building strategy that pays off in spades.

Platform: Marketing Automation 

Integration Supports e Rewards for Loyalty Promotions, Social Campaigns, Research Surveys

If you have a marketing automation platform like Hubspot, Mailchimp or Marketo, you’re ready for a gift card rewards integration. According to the Incentive Marketing Association, 84% of U.S. businesses spend $90 billion annually on incentives, including travel, merchandise, cashout applications and marketing promotions. Chances are, that means you! It makes solid business sense to automate rewards, especially if you’re 99% of the way there. Source, IMA 

Platform: Sales Performance Management (SPM)

Integration Enables Added Revenue through Performance Motivation and Gamification

Gift card rewards can make a dramatic difference in helping your sales force crush their goals. If you already rely on an application or solution that unites back office sales operations, you’re there. A no hassle integration could be the key to new revenue and added profitability through sales incentives and gift card rewards. You’ll be amazed at how powerfully a Visa rewards card can motivate sales performance. Source: Gartner 

A quick checklist confirms that your infrastructure is solid. Now, leverage your existing HR, Marketing and Sales platforms seamlessly and deliver rewards instantly with our Gift Card API™Contact us for a free consultation. No contracts, no minimums. Get started today.