Chances are, the success of your marketing loyalty and rewards program rests on an affordable, relevant and cool fulfillment solutionPerhaps you already discovered that Gift Cards are the ultimate rewards item. But, heading into peak seasonality (or any time of year, really), you need a miracle to execute your self managed marketing program. More than premium incentive items, you need a marketing fulfillment system. The best way to cure the marketing fulfillment blues is by utilizing the best gift card rewards platform. Our clients love eGifter Rewards and we think you will too.

Gift Cards are Perfect for Marketing Fulfillment

Fulfillment marketing, aka promotional fulfillment, is here to stay. This is a set of services designed to add customization and personalization to the post-purchase experience in a scalable way.

While this practice can take on a variety of different forms, the common use cases span business types. In every case, gift card rewards are the best solution.

Use Cases Requiring Marketing Fulfillment

  • Staff appreciation ideas
  • Buy one, get one promotions
  • Holiday gifts for employees
  • Social media give-aways
  • Public relations incentives
  • Sign-up bonus items
  • Training rewards
  • Merchandise returns
  • Customer support complaints
  • So many more!

The Remedy is eGifter Rewards

  • A vast catalog of the best retail stores, restaurants and sites
  • Secure online ordering
  • Range of denominations
  • Branded fulfillment options that you completely control
  • Flexible payment methods
  • Convenient billing and activity tracking
  • Supervisory level controls for budgets and spend approvals
  • Awesome customer support

The bar is high and the goals are lofty. Great promotions require great solutions and it’s enough to bring on the blues. Don’t suffer. Contact our sales team for a free consultation.

The eGifter Rewards Platform.

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