Treating your customers really well *after* they buy is just as important as pulling out all the stops before they buy. One of the most efficient ways to grow your business is to increase the lifetime value of a customer, which means getting them to buy again and again. Translated, a loyal customer is a lifetime customer — with years of profitability ahead. So when your investment in customer acquisition is complete, a quick pivot to buyer retention pays off in dividends that can (and should!) last for years. #customerretention #relationshipmanagement #rewardloyaltywithgiftcards #corporateincentives #egiftcardpromotions

Customer Retention: The #1 Reason for Loyalty Rewards

20 Ways to Encourage Your Loyal Customers to Stay Engaged

  1. Use the words they love to hear
  2. Solve their support issue
  3. Reward advocacy
  4. Give them reasons to check your website often
  5. Share your vision
  6. Educate, assist, serve
  7. Treat them as the VIP’s they truly are
  8. Ask them to be your ambassador
  9. Offer helpful hints that create added value
  10. Entertain them so they’ll love staying in your orbit
  11. Deliver random giveaways to keep them engaged
  12. Ask for their opinions and let them know you’re listening
  13. Create a community of inclusion
  14. Stand for something meaningful
  15. Make it easy for them to reach you
  16. Encourage loyalty with marketing promotions
  17. Surprise them with discounts
  18. Reward them with points programs that cash out real dollars
  19. Help them remember your brand
  20. Say thanks!