Looking for creative ways to promote safety awareness and maintain a safer workplace with employee incentives? The answer is logical and easily within your reach. The eGifter Rewards self-service gift card platform helps safety leaders like you. With it, you can reduce risk, prevent accidents and ensure compliance. Encourage complaint behavior and reward safe choices to move the needle on risk management. It is EASY to send gift cards to the employees you want to influence. Our clients report that a strategic approach through employee incentives for safety pays off in spades.

Employee Incentives for Your Most Valuable Asset

Establishing a safety and health management program in the workplace is the best way to protect your most valuable asset: your workers. It’s a proven fact that gift card rewards can produce positive outcomes, mitigate risk and reduce insurance costs. Here are some areas where safer practices can drive down insurance premiums.

  • Employee Safety Credentialing 
  • Driver Safety Training 
  • Facilities Hazard Protection 
  • Safer Manufacturing Practices
  • OSHA Compliance Certification
  • Worker Health and Wellness (including COVID-19 vaccine adoption)

Gift Cards are a Great Way to Motivate Your Staff

The eGifter Rewards gift card platform empowers you with the ultimate (and simplest) incentive and reward tools. 

  • Fast ordering of Visa® gift cards and over 300 popular name brands
  • No minimums, no commitments
  • Send gift cards now or later (to individuals or hundreds at a time)
  • Dashboard style reporting and responsive support

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