If you administer rewards, recognition and appreciation gifts for your company, you know how time consuming it can be — if you’re working the old fashioned way. All of the browsing, organizing, wrapping, mailing and tracking takes time and energy. However, by virtue of your reading this article right now, it’s obvious that you’re moving toward the light. Business technology solutions to manage incentives, recognition and rewards are definitely the way to go. By purchasing gift cards in bulk and delivering them electronically, you’ll save money and time in ways you can’t yet imagine. Welcome to the world of streamlined ease and coolness, courtesy of eGifter Rewards. With them, you’ll reap the benefits of recognition and rewards, all year round.

“Most of all, I appreciate being thought of. I was moved by the personal sentiment, which was so clearly expressed. I used the gift card to buy something I really love.”

Great Reasons to Employ Recognition and Rewards

Say thanks with digital or plastic gift cards that acknowledge:

  • Personal goal achievements
  • Referrals
  • Financial success
  • Growth milestones
  • Sales goal accomplishments
  • Loyalty over time
  • First time product purchases
  • Budget savings
  • Productivity
  • Customer satisfaction ratings
  • Social likes and shares
  • Anything and everything you appreciate!

Gift cards are not just for saying thanks! They can serve as unique and special ways to honor people and commemorate milestone moments.

  • Work anniversaries
  • Leadership successes
  • Service to the community
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays and other personal occasions
  • Joining the company
  • Achieving health and wellness goals
  • Seriously awesome partners and clients
  • Anything occasion and every person you would like to honor!

Engage Them All Year Round

Recognition knows no bounds in terms of seasonality, calendar timing or defined reason. While the end of the year is a great time to dole out recognition, experts suggest keeping up with your Rewards and Recognition Program all year round.  Smart money says the most impactful way to engage and build relationships is to celebrate the everyday — and say thank you regularly.

It’s easy and fun to get creative by giving gift cards that match-up with the spirit of the day…all year long.

January 28th – National Have Fun at Work Day

February 17th – National Act of Kindness Day

March 6th – Employee Recognition Day

April 18th – National High Five Day

May 7th – National Teacher Appreciation Day

June 18th – National Go Fishing Day

July 15th – National Give Something Away Day

August 27th – National Just Because Day

September 26th – National Family Day

October 5th – National Do Something Nice Day

November 28th – Thanksgiving

December 2nd/3rd – Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday

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