All across the country, government agencies and non-profit organizations are discovering creative ways to provide relief to underserved citizens in local communities. They face a monumental task that requires a yeoman’s job, to actively prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Turns out, gift cards for vaccine incentives have emerged as their ace in the hole. And, eGifter Rewards platform is the recognized gold standard to handle the job. With it, community leaders can use gift cards for vaccine incentives. The strategy is: More gift cards, less COVID-19.  We hope these grant spending tips for COVID-19 prevention helps get more gift cards in-market as a means to an important end. Then, we’ll all be closer to enjoying a safer, healthier world.

Gift Cards for Vaccine Incentives

In general, gift cards have proven to be an ideal mechanism to distribute relief and incentives. In fact, Gift cards have been used successfully to distribute funds for food, fuel, clothing and non-prescription health items. Clearly, they’re a great tool to encourage people to make healthy choices. Everyone can use gift cards for community relief to purchase items that satisfy basic needs for food, safety and wellness.

Along with that, the use of incentives to boost adoption of COVID-19 vaccines has become a norm. Thousands of organizations across the country are putting funds to work in ways that are saving lives. Yours can too.

Unlock a Portfolio of Top Retail Brands that Motivate and Reward People

The eGifter Rewards catalog has over 300 of the best retail brands including CVS Pharmacy, Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. Plus, we offer VISA® gift cards, which everyone loves. The eGifter Rewards Choice Card allows recipients to select the retail brand they prefer most. Everyone loves getting gift cards. Here’s a solid grant spending tip: With grant funds to spend, why not spread the health and the wealth!

Send Gift Cards by Email, Text or by USPS Postal Mail

Reach them where they work, where they live, or while they’re on the go. When recipients open their custom message and gift card reward, they are moved with appreciation and loyalty.

Make Gift Cards Easy to Spend with Simple Redemption Instructions

Each gift card arrives with a simple step-by-step explanation for how to redeem.

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If your organization needs grant spending tips for COVID-19 prevention, consider gift card rewards. They are a tremendously effective use of funds. Contact us today.