eGifter Rewards is way more than a rewards platform. Fact is, eGifter Rewards can be a strategic resource as well. That’s because gift card business rewards and incentives can form a strategic underpinning to drive a multitude of business goals. Today, we’re discussing the intersection of humanitarian care, employee assistance and workforce productivity. How? Through corporate rewards for employees who get a COVID-19 vaccine or booster. Why? Because when companies drive vaccine adoption with gift cards, everyone wins. Leverage instant access to hundreds of top gift card brands including Visa eRewards. With it, provide vaccine incentives to staff and clients to protect themselves. Best part — you’ll play a meaningful role in helping to slow this unprecedented global pandemic.

Reliable Resources

Validate Your Decision to Build a Vaccine Rewards Program

There is no shortage of research, data and policies to help you embark on this humanitarian and profitability-based initiative. As your strategic resource, we curated a library of substantiated, reliable information. Sources include government agencies, trusted healthcare organizations and corporate thought leaders. Read on.

Bottom line: Vaccine incentives are becoming the norm, not the exception, in corporate settings across the country. You can easily do  your part to drive vaccine adoption with gift cards. eGifter Rewards is ready to help you develop and execute a strategy that works for your organization.

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