Coming up on Health Care Human Resources Week, we thought we’d take a page out of the ASHHRA playbook. For those that don’t know, ASHHRA is The American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration. They are the nation’s only membership organization dedicated to meeting the needs of human resources professionals in healthcare. However, our 7 employee appreciation gift ideas your employees will like are not limited to healthcare organizations. Anyone in a business leadership role can develop a program with employee appreciation gift ideas as the foundation. Doing so will say thanks to loyal staffers and reward employees for being awesome.

Create Strong Teams with Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

When they receive thoughtful and personalized gifts as part of a company project, employees feel valued. This translates into a positive work environment and fosters a sense of connection. Employee appreciation gifts, therefore, not only demonstrate gratitude but also enable team building. Creating a culture of appreciation and recognition leads to improved performance, greater productivity, satisfaction and loyalty. Here are 7 ideas you can use immediately. eGifter Rewards can help.

Organize a Volunteer Activity

Shape your workplace culture around social impact by making it easy for everyone to contribute. Bring your team together for a good cause and experience the camaraderie and good vibes that go along with it. Search the Mutual Aid Network or Habitat for Humanity websites in your area for ideas. Make a contribution on behalf of the entire team to a non-profit organization with one of these: Charity On Top gift cards, Charity Choice gift cards or Go Climate gift cards. Employees appreciate working for companies that care.

Learn Together

Find an industry webinar that would be of interest to your colleagues. Encourage everyone to attend at the same time and later, share what you learned and how it can be applied to your business. This is an easy way to reward employees for expanding their knowledge and developing new best practices. Attendance will be virtually guaranteed when everyone receives a Visa® Reward Card as an incentive.

Personalize Your Leadership Team

Hold a contest using a brief questionnaire that asks employees a series of questions about the C-Level company leadership. Pose interesting questions with eye opening answers. This exercise often engenders pride among employees, who gain inspiration from the information they learned. For sure, survey rewards are excellent ways to encourage participation. Fandango gift cards are ideal because they are highly recognized, affordable and loved by everyone. 

Hold a Luncheon Celebration

Hold a luncheon in your department or company wide to celebrate a recent team win. Studies show that recognizing people in front of their peers builds trust and teamwork. Distribute Doordash gift cards or Uber EatsⓇ gift cards and reinforce the fellowship that comes with breaking bread together. Let your employees know you that when they depend on each other for success, everyone wins.

Schedule a Wellness Day

Set up a table in common space where the HR team can talk to employees about health and fitness. Invite local business owners from related shops like health food stores and neighborhood gyms and yoga studios. Encouraging employees to improve health and wellness goes a long way toward helping the company and keeping teams engaged. Many companies gamify this type of activity with CVS Pharmacy gift cards or Spa Week gift cards.

Cover-Me-for-Lunch Day

Pair your department into teams and for 90 minutes, have employees explain a daily task to their teammate. For the rest of the afternoon, have them switch their jobs. Cross training is a valid and important part of scaling any business. Plus, employees will gain greater appreciation for one another. After a successful session, send them to dinner at their favorite restaurant. Good options include California Pizza Kitchen gift cards, Chili’s Bar and Grill gift cards and Applebee’s gift cards.

Find New Ways to Recognize and Reward Great Employees

Employee rewards and morale go hand in hand. All too often, employees do an exceptional job without being noticed. The fact is, great employees are a rare breed. So if you have them on your team, you’ve made a good hire. Let them know they made the right decision with any one of the hundreds of gift cards available at eGifter Rewards.