This year, national Employee Appreciation Day falls on Friday March 4th. What a golden opportunity for leaders to send a corporate gift card that expresses gratitude to their workforce. After all, it is workers who make it all  happen. In fact, every leader at every level can add equity to the organization with an extra helping of employee appreciation. Research shows that feeling appreciated reduces turnover and increases productivity. Those reductions in cost and increases in output translate into measurable business results. That’s how savvy executives build equity on Employee Appreciation Day.

Employee Appreciation is Good for Everyone

Here are five tangible ways that sending a gift of gratitude can build corporate equity on Employee Appreciation Day. When a token of thanks, like a gift card, is delivered, you can really ring the bell. Any day of the year.

  1. Worker Job Satisfaction! Recognition influences positivity and makes good workers great. 
  2. Sense of Purpose! When people feel valued, they are motivated and the workforce hums.
  3. Employee Engagement! Engaged employees are the gems of any organization.
  4. Staff Well-being!  Stress levels decrease. Confidence rises. Happiness prevails.
  5. Trust! Built when there is an honest exchange. Trust equals longevity.

Register Today. Thank Thousands by Friday.

A business gift card platform like eGifter Rewards can create the epiphany moment when employees realize they’re truly cared for. Once you establish that employee recognition is an important corporate value, it’s smooth sailing. If you haven’t registered already, it’s not too late. With no contracts, no minimums and ‘Click to Agree’ simplicity, you can get started now. Gift cards with personal messages are a great way to foster a happy, fulfilled, and motivated corporate culture. The mood and morale will have a lasting impression that will do your employees, and your company, a lot of good.

Gift Card for Appreciation

It just takes a moment of humility and leadership hit “send”. It’s just as fast to register and get started. Contact us at