With 2020 upon us, thoughts turn toward strategic development — the underpinnings upon which your business will rely for years and decades ahead. Questions loom: What will drive the opinions, regard and most importantly, the behavior of your stakeholders? To be clear, it’s not just prospects and customers to consider, but employees, sales teams, freelance workers, social audiences, distribution channel partners, supply chain resources and investors as well. What will differentiate your business from the onslaught of savvy and scrappy competitors? To profitably capture hearts, minds and wallets, you’ll need more than just a better mousetrap and a unique selling proposition. The team here at eGifter Rewards is convinced that projects and programs built upon the pillars of motivation, recognition, incentives and rewards will drive your success in 2020 and beyond. And we’ll be right here for you, with the perfect strategic fulfillment solutions flexible enough to support any business strategy you devise. Our bag is gift cards, both digital and physical. More than that, it’s the delightful experiences we bundle into our platform that in turn, create the memorable and valuable moments that lend power, performance and preference to your company and your brand. Gift cards are the currency that can satisfy every checkbox, elegantly, effectively and affordably.

Our Predictions

Because new beginnings are an ideal time to offer up predictions, we’re jumping in with three of our own. We predict that the three approaches below will strengthen their hold as lynchpin factors that separate stellar organizations from the mediocre ones. Focus on these, cross-organizationally to up your chances to become and remain the market  leader.

  1. Metrics –  Data, data, data. Require your staff to develop programs and campaigns with the end in mind. Teach them to become data driven workers that articulate measurable goals. Like they say, if you can’t measure, you can’t manage. For sales goals, never accept a vague objective. For marketing plans, always tie tactics to a corresponding, measurable result. For retention, percentages are key, even if they are ranges. By requiring hard goals and integrating a related reward at every turn, you’ll never miss the chance to achieve, incentivize and recognize success. As gamification tools emerge, take the time to research and leverage all that’s possible. Across all, gift card rewards are the ultimate solutions for jobs well done.
  2. Motivation – Making sure stakeholders are encouraged and rewarded for performing the behaviors you desire can be the difference between good and great — more often than you may realize. Trends toward health and wellness as motivational goals can really push results over the edge. When people are appropriately rewarded, their loyalty rises — as do *all* relevant results. It’s with successful motivation that you can move the metrics needle. 
  3. Mobility – We predict that the trend toward mobility will remain on a steep incline. Don’t neglect to consider this trend as you develop your short and long term plans. Your thoughtful, proactive planning should include defining “where” the desired behaviors might take place. For example, Is the desired activity taken at retail, during transit, or at the dining room table? Be sure to meet them where they are! Present right opportunity and the right message at the right time! Gift cards stored and always accessible in mobile phones are the ultimate mobility solution.

Gift Card Technology – A Victory Over the Past

Your choice to rely on eGifter Rewards gift card platform, whether you opt for the secure web-based system or the API integration, empowers you to inject rewards into all scenarios: Metrics, Motivation and Mobility. 

When your teams source and distribute gift cards through the eGifterRewards platform, they’ll save countless hours of lost time previously spent on dealing with promotional items, employee recognition, engagement  and corporate rewards. What’s more, the process improvements will be a victory over the past, not to mention a boon to your bottom line. 

  • Placing orders is easy and fast
  • Access to over 300 popular retail brands ensures gift items they’ll love
  • Integration with existing systems takes little effort
  • Custom branding and personal messaging create a special feeling
  • Digital or plastic gift card delivery, whichever you prefer
  • Detailed transaction reports support reconciliation with accounting, sales, payroll
  • Security features offer the protection you require

Onward and upward.

Set-up is hassle free. We will expertly guide you with know-how and dedicated support. Please take a moment to see if there’s a fit — reach us at egifterrewards.com/contact