Most of us can attest to the shared experience of stress in our everyday lives, which can be fierce and unrelenting. At home, we manage kids’ schedules, care for family members, maintain homes and handle chores. At work, technology keeps us tethered to managers, customers and employees. We’re motivated to work longer hours and compete fiercely to maintain our jobs. In a Harvard Business School survey, a stunning 94% of working professionals reported working over 50 hours/week. Almost half worked more than 65 hours per week. Life’s stressors can negatively impact relationships, physical endurance and mental health. Experts agree that stress can be damaging to productivity and employee retention. That’s why many corporations now send gift cards for employees health and wellness. In fact, it’s clear that bulk purchasing gift cards for employees health and wellness will create a happier and more productive workforce.

Gift Cards for Employees Add to Work Life Balance

Studies have shown that employees who have a positive work-life balance are happier, healthier and more productive. Logically, it’s in your company’s best interest to prioritize employee well-being by investing in relevant strategies, programs and tools.

Employees who have a positive work-life balance are happier, healthier and more productive.

A Caring Corporate Culture: Half the Battle

  • Don’t require perfection by letting ‘great’ get in the way of ‘good’
  • Encourage employees to unplug during their personal time
  • Create space, time and encouragement to stretch, exercise and meditate
  • Limit time wasters (both people and tasks)

The Other Half: Rewards & Incentives

Gift cards are great ways to let your employees know you are serious about their wellness. The eGifter Rewards catalog has an array of brands that underscore and deliver these core values.

  • Drive wellness with gift cards to spa facilities or a pharmacy (Spa Week gift card and CVS Pharmacy gift card)
  • Gift them learning or travel experiences such as continuing education benefits would allow your workforce to pursue its “bucket list.” Whether it be REI adventure travel, there are plenty of ways to support your employees to explore and enjoy life.
  • Promote family time, which is often the number one reason most of us work so hard! We spend so much time and mindshare at work, we literally forget about the entire reason we do so in the first place! All it takes is one very special gathering to create a memory that lasts a lifetime, not to mention setting the scene for the added fun of digital photos posted social channels, bringing together even more friends & family. There are literally scores of restaurants to gift, including the across the country. Give them the gift of family togetherness — it’s easy and incredibly meaningful.

Companies who incorporate health, wellness and work-life balance not only improve their competitive edge to recruit the best job candidates, they enjoy higher employee retention rates. On both counts, greater job satisfaction and lower turnover result in real savings like reduced training costs, diminished recruiting fees and lower paid sick leave costs.