As the premier online lending marketplace in the U.S., Lending Tree helps consumers get the best possible deal on their loans. With easy-to-use calculation tools and useful insights, Lending Tree makes loan comparison shopping easy. The financing know-how enabled by Lending Tree makes them a thought leader in the realm of shopping, spending and gifting. That’s why their key surveys for rewards findings during the 2020 holiday season are so compelling. In their recent article Gift Card Services for Contactless Gift Giving, Lending Tree salutes online gifting. Naturally, is a featured site. If you want to know about online gifting, you’ve come to the right place.

“Digital gift cards can serve as a convenient option that checks all the pandemic-proof boxes this year.”

Contactless Online Gifting Checks All the Boxes

The term “contactless’ has been widely adopted way back in the RFID and NFC days, especially as payment technology term. Forbes says it this way: “‘…contactless’ is the retail industry’s new safe word”. Completely related, COVID-19 restrictions force us to limit physical contact everywhere. Many business scenarios benefit when contactless solutions are applied. These include compensation, appeasement, incentives, rewards, recognition, sales contests and marketing promotions. For those reasons, the strategic imperative of ‘contactless’ clearly checks every box.

And, gift cards are the best contactless gifting solution of all!

  • Digital gift cards sent by text, email or postal mail require no physical contact upon receipt
  • Spending digital gift cards generates efficient and profitable sales for retailers with no returns
  • Consumers avoid being exposed to germs (and spreading them) by shopping at home instead
  • There is absolutely no compromise to the gifting experience. It is delightful, personalized, warm.

More and More Shoppers are Purchasing Online

Lending Tree research reveals more than one in five shoppers will purchase gifts online,. That statistic implies our continued reliance as a society on online shopping. But, what does it mean for businesses? Well, it means that businesses are wise to leverage gift card platforms like eGifter Rewards. That’s because gift cards fit squarely into the wheelhouse of everyone, everywhere — for everything. 

  • Delight everyone across the recipient spectrum like employees, prospects and customers
  • Make life simple for administrators around procurement, selection, delivery, reconciliation 
  • Streamline internal workflows to help teams do more with less
  • Follow security and compliance protocols with no effort and complete certainty

eGifter Rewards Reports

All told, eGifter Rewards is so glad that Lending Tree salutes online gifting. We thank Lending Tree right back.