The COVID-19 pandemic is creating new work dynamics for everyone. Gift cards have become a critical tool to support and help employees working from home. Businesses everywhere are doing the right thing by their staff — to show appreciation for essential workers that are still reporting in daily and to help those in need of financial assistance. To make it easier to send relief and assistance to employees, eGifter Rewards created the Essentials Choice Card. This unique specialty gift card allows the recipient to choose exactly which gift card they get – and match it with precisely the help they need in these most challenging times.

The eGifter Rewards Essentials Choice Card includes the following selection of gift cards:

  • Meal delivery from DoorDash or Uber Eats
  • Grocery items from Walmart or Target
  • Pharmacy Pick-up from CVS PharmacyⓇ
  • Diapers and Baby Items from BuyBuyBaby
  • Supplies for the Home Office from Staples
  • More Critical Essentials

You can order the Essentials Choice Card by opening an eGifter Rewards account today. We are fast-tracking account approvals to help you respond quickly to employees’ needs.

There are no minimums and no long term obligation. You can upload a spreadsheet to send 10, 100 or 1,000 gift cards at once. There is no fee to register. Payment for gift cards is by corporate ACH, wire or credit card.

If you have any plans to use gift cards to support your COVID-19 response plan, please let us know! We are poised and ready to help you help your teams.