Aside from having stellar business acumen, great leaders possess skills in softer areas like communication, empathy and gratitude. No wonder they prioritize HR strategies designed to recognize and thank their employees. They know that a strong and loyal workforce is paramount to a winning business model. Our clients attribute employee recognition gift cards as a key factor to their workforce success. If you haven’t considered employee gift cards as a strategy for employee retention, you’ll be well served to start now. Consider this: A hassle free solution at eGifter Rewards is at-the-ready. So, hit the ground running with our curated list of the top 9 gift cards for employee rewards.

What is the best gift card to give an employee?

Easy answer: The best employee rewards gift cards are those that are easiest to buy, personalize, deliver and track. Enter the eGifter Rewards web-based platform and Gift Card API™. Streamline your team’s workflow by giving them a simple tool to select and distribute employee recognition gift cards. Program managers will thank you for making their job so easy. And employees will thank you for being in their corner. 

All that said, the gift card our clients rely on most heavily is the Rewards Choice Card. With it, employees can select the specific gift card they really want from a catalog of hundreds of top retail brands. The Rewards Choice Card is a versatile option that guarantees the perfect item, every time.

Rewards Gift Card

Can you reward employees with gift cards?

Absolutely, and it’s never been easier or more convenient. Here are just a few scenarios where employee gift cards  move the needle both on both employee satisfaction and job productivity:

  • Motivation: Employee rewards gift cards motivate employees to work harder and reach higher.
  • Retention: Employee recognition gift cards add a sense of satisfaction. There’s no reason to look for other job opportunities when morale is high because the boss values hard work, and shows it.
  • Performance: Employee gift cards offer a powerful incentive to achieve goals and objectives. Watch your company’s KPIs rise with gamification programs based on gift card rewards
  • Loyalty: Who wouldn’t be committed to a company that expresses appreciation for hard work and years of service?

Which gift cards are the most popular?

With over 300 top retail brands that run the gamut, designating the top 9 is virtually impossible. So, here’s a twist. We present you with nine gift card categories. Within each category is a multitude of popular, well loved gift cards. Click on the category name to see ALL within. We’ve pulled out a best-in-class for category just to give you an idea.

  1. Travel & Experiences: You can’t go wrong with Airbnb gift cards
  2. Food & Restaurants: Award top producers a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse gift card 
  3. Electronics: Always a favorite, Best Buy gift cards
  4. Movies & Entertainment: Gift everyone a movie night with Fandango gift cards
  5. Sports & Outdoors: Encourage the team to have an outdoor adventure with REI gift cards
  6. Health: Express your concern for their well being with a Vitamin Shoppe gift card
  7. Streaming & Gaming: Gamers of all ages will appreciate a Sony Playstation gift card.
  8. Delivery & Subscriptions: Give them a break from cooking dinner for the family with an Uber Eats gift card.
  9. Social Responsibility: Demonstrate your concern for what’s really important with a GoClimate gift card

We’ve found that when companies value and treat their people well, business success and personal satisfaction follow. Contact us for a free consultation and jumpstart your employee loyalty and recognition program with eGifter Rewards.