Welcome to the first Friday in March, 2021 — Employee Appreciation Day. Food for thought:  When is the last time you simply said thank you to your team? We all know that workers are our most precious asset. However, some business owners and managers fall into the complacent mode of taking their employees for granted. They think that because loyalty and hard work is expected, there is no need for employee recognition or expressions of thanks. While it’s nice to have, an employee discount program falls way short when it comes to employee appreciation. Great leaders offer encouragement and inspiration to their workforce, both on-site and remote employee appreciation gifts.

Gift Card Appreciation

Thing is, a simple “you’re awesome” goes a long, long way. Don’t underestimate — it really matters! There is a noticeable pep in the step of folks who feel appreciated compared to the autopilot attitude that comes with crickets. True, not everyone needs a “thank you” to do a good job. But it will mean an awful lot to those who do. Employee appreciation is yet another page in the proverbial HR playbook. It builds a positive culture that attracts great talent and retains rock star employees for the long haul.

Survey Says….Appreciated Employees are Productive and Loyal

In a sometimes thankless world, being thanked by the boss can mean the world. A simple, kind gesture (yes, like a gift card and thoughtful message!) can add a lift that recharges and refuels. And, the boss gets the benefits of pride and esteem that come from powerful leadership.

When the boss announced that we’re all getting DoorDash eGift cards for Employee Appreciation Day, the stressed out mood lifted, we all had a laugh. And, we all agreed. The Hard Work Is Worth It. 

If you missed the opportunity to say thanks today, no worries. There’s always tomorrow. There is no deadline or expiration on appreciating those who contribute to your business and your life.

The eGifter Rewards platform is the ultimate turnkey tool for Employee Appreciation and more. Your administrative teams will be able to source and send Thanks, Motivation, Acknowledgement and Good Cheer. Any day of the year.