These days, there’s a “National Recognition” day to commemorate just about everything. So, no wonder there’s a National Administrative Professionals Day. This year, it falls on April 21st — just a few days away. That day, you’ll have the perfect chance to distribute rewards for employees. There will never be a better time to “thanks” to those on your staff that help get the job done. Many managers find it challenging to communicate a professional message to a business colleague — from the heart. For sure, we all want to make sure that every administrative employee benefits. With the eGifter Rewards card reward platform, you have instant access to a bundle of appreciative gestures that are easy to source and deliver. Check this gift guide for Administrative Professionals Day. Then, check the “done” box. Congrats on being a great leader while keeping teams motivated, engaged and productive. 

See How it Works

Our self-service rewards and incentives platform is a powerful tool for a wide range of sales, marketing, customer service and HR programs. Take two minutes to view this Video Demo. We find that savvy leaders know a good thing when they see one. We’re sure this gift guide for Administrative Professionals will inspire you. 

First Things First

Register for an eGifter Rewards Account

It takes just a moment to complete the registration form. Click here and you’re halfway done. Because our self service platform accepts a variety of payment options, you can perform the work quickly and efficiently.

  • Send gift cards to one or hundreds of people 
  • Deliver by email or text — instant or scheduled
  • Include your logo and a personalized message
  • Security controls you expect and require
  • Dashboard style reporting and responsive support

Compose Your Personal Message

Keep it Short and Sweet

Here are a few ideas you can copy and paste, if the shoe fits. One of the best things about the eGifter Rewards platform is content flexibility. Plus, gift card rewards can be sent by email or text. Express yourself! 

  • “Your contribution to our company is the stuff winning is made of. Thanks for being awesome.”  
  • “Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Thanks for all you do!”
  • “Happy Administrative Professionals Day! We cannot thank you enough for all you do.”

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With instant access to the nation’s top restaurants, stores and experiences, you’ll actually enjoy the shopping experience. There are gift cards for every personality, passion and project. Click here to see them all. 

We hope you make good use of this gift guide for Administrative Professionals Day. It’s always the last Wednesday of the last full month of April. This year, it falls out on April 21st. Good luck — and get going!