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At eGifter, we help corporate buyers and business executives use technology to strengthen customer relationships, mark special gifting occasions and bring out the best in each other. Day after day, our team holds these ideals squarely in mind. So, when we see a glaring opportunity to help, we relish it. We have the idea this true story will resonate so we’re sharing it, imagining that you might relate.

Here’s the “Rescue Me” inquiry we received

True Story: Our sales team recently received the inquiry below. (It’s not unusual, we see it all the time.)

“Three times each year at important holidays, we distribute $50 gift cards to 2,000 people. We send physical gift cards in envelopes — by postal mail. Each envelope contains a plastic gift card purchased at retail. We stuff the envelope with the gift card and a personalized message from the company owners.

We are looking for egiftcards that can embed photos and personal messages that are different every time. Can you help?”

The truth is that so many business professionals remain saddled with having to send corporate gifts and rewards by snail mail…or THINKING they have to. Sure, the leap to a modern approach for incentives, gifts and rewards marketing may feel daunting. After all, old habits are hard to break. After so many years of doing the-same-thing-the-same-way, the challenge probably *feels* greater than it really is.

Bulk Gift Card Purchasing and Fulfillment — to the Rescue!

True Result: In order to *stop* sending gifts, rewards and incentives by postal mail and *start* saving time and energy, the marketing manager quickly applied for an account at eGifter Rewards. The mailing was completed in just 3 easy steps.

Step #1 – Upload the list, select gift card brands, choose the fulfillment method

Step #2 – Personalize the messages

Step #3 – Send!

The results were dramatic. A task that typically took 40+ hours for two staffers was completed in under one hour, in just one sitting, with no hassle. There was no need to wait in line at the cash register. There were no envelopes to seal and no stamps to apply. When pressed for answers about performance, staffers were able to instantly report on spending and results — like never before.

A rewarding feeling all around.

How does it feel to send awesome gift cards — so the folks that receive them feel super special — while streamlining the campaign delivery process itself?