Congratulations on the good work! You’ve recruited, interviewed, hired and onboarded that strong new employee. You orchestrated scores of tasks across many departments and managers to finally get this employee into a productive mode. Finally, your new hire is actively contributing to the company.

Now, multiply those hours across ALL of the new hires at your organization (remember, everyone on the team was once a new hire!) Try to recall the vast effort of time, coordination of everyone involved and all of the systems used to grow your organization. It’s been a truly herculean task and you’ve done it well.

But wait. After all that work, how are you going to build a culture that keeps employee engaged and loyal to the company?

One of the secrets to creating a great workplace is to recognize your employees in special ways. Doing so, you’ll help them to love their jobs, care deeply about their work — and hate to leave.

There is no shortage of opportunities to acknowledge your staff and extend tokens of appreciation. Here are 15 bright ways to weave a fabric of happiness into your company that will result in a culture of satisfaction, teamwork and loyalty.


1. Supplies! Shop for the items  you need to continue the great work.


2. Project complete, job well done!

BuyBuy Baby

3. Congratulations on the new arrival!

eGifter Rewards Choice Card

4. Have a great vacation, here’s some “mad money” on us!


5. Training Certification Complete!

Home Depot

6. Congratulations on your Promotion!

Krispy Kreme

7. Employee of the Month!

Charity Choice

8. Happy Birthday! Donate to the charity of your choice.

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9. Just Because! Bust the myth of All-Work-and-No-Play.

10. Congrats on your Service Anniversary – thanks for another great year!


11. We Appreciate Your Family — because they share you with us!


12. Team Building Friday — an awesome company experience to forge bonds that last


13. Thanks for your Community Service (blood donations save lives)

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14. Let’s celebrate our company’s milestone achievement!

Carnival Cruise

15. Congrats, quota buster!