If you’re wondering when to begin sourcing creative and affordable employee appreciation gifts, the answer is “now”. Many leaders make the mistake of waiting for the end-of-year holiday season or employee work anniversaries. Clearly, it is never too soon to begin. That said, selecting a meaningful occasion like National Administrative Professionals Day is a smart approach. This year, it falls on April 26, meaning there’s still time to register for an account and place an order for unique employee appreciation gifts — in the form of digital gift cards. Make sure your workforce knows that you appreciate them and they’ll appreciate you right back.

What is National Administrative Professionals Day?

It is an opportunity to acknowledge and thank administrative teams for their critical role in keeping things running smoothly. It’s a chance to recognize their hard work, dedication, and contributions to the success of the entire company. Rest assured that they’re aware of this day and if it goes by unnoticed, you will have missed a golden opportunity.

What is the History of Administrative Professionals Day?

This holiday was first observed in the 1950’s as National Secretaries Week. Over time,that reference became outdated and evolved to what it has become today. On this day, employers show their regard for their administrative staff with unique employee appreciation gifts, special events and thoughtful recognition.

Who Counts as an Administrative Professional?

If you look at your company’s organizational chart, you’ll discover all kinds of jobs and roles that perform administrative tasks. These include Administrative Assistants, Executive Assistants, Receptionists, Office Managers, Data Entry workers, Accounting clerks, and Project Managers. All of these staffers perform vital job functions and all deserve a gold stars (and more) for their hard work.

How do you Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day 2023

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