Pour yourself a coffee and power up your computer. Holiday corporate gift planning season has arrived. Chances are if you follow the suggestions outlined in this post, you’ll be perfectly positioned to personally enjoy the best holiday ever with your friends and family. Now’s the time  to get organized around employee rewards solutions. Show your appreciation, express your gratitude and engender loyalty. That includes clients, customers, partners, employees and investors. If you’ve ever run out to the retail store to buy last minute gift cards in bulk, listen up.  Your life is about to get easier and more productive. Check out these 10 tips to prepare for holiday gifting.

Holiday Gifting Checklist

Soon you’ll be drinking eggnog and attending holiday parties. Now it’s time to think ahead.

  1. Get a free consultation to see how eGifter Rewards can automate your gifting program.
  2. Compile a list of gifting occasions and events: Gift cards are a great solution across the board.
  3. Build your budget: Don’t forget to get organizational teams to leverage the single gifting platform, since it can be utilized company-wide by all departments including Sales, Marketing, HR, Engineering, Software Development, IT, Legal and  Corporate. You may also want to 
  4. Distinguish your gifting campaigns: Using whatever productivity tool you prefer, itemize the various gifting outreaches to be executed this year. 
  5. Segment your audience: By way of example, your list of employees could be tagged to be  sorted or filtered by geography, by title, by job description or by length of service. Your list of customers could be similarly organized by Line of Business, by profitability tier,  by sales rep, and/or by satisfaction level.
  6. Jot down all of the lifestyles and interests you can think of, so that your gifts match your audience:  Gift cards are perfect gifts because they can be easily matched to recipient preferences. Think restaurant, outdoors, electronics, department stores and health and wellness. Or, send the Rewards Choice Card so they can select the store they want most.
  7. Examine the gift cards in your (now accessible) catalog in the eGifter Rewards platform: Select the ones that map to point #6, above. 
  8. Develop a Schedule: Pull out your calendar or productivity tool to build your plan, and schedule all associated tasks. These might include: Export your recipient lists and label them by campaign. Craft your messages by campaign — and feel free to customize them by recipient. Determine which gift card you’d like to give each segment or person. 
  9. Delegate tasks: No need to go it alone. Now that you’re well organized, you can assign tasks to others — including their permission levels and roles in the eGifter Rewards portal. Easily and quickly preview the spending levels and plans before your teams click “send”. 
  10. Enjoy the holidays! Rest easy knowing that your methodical and systematic plans were executed well, and that the eGifter Rewards platform will always be there when you (and your recipients) need it.