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eGifter RewardsTM for Salesforce

Send eGift Cards directly from Salesforce

Drive results with eGift Cards sent directly from Salesforce

eGifter RewardsTM for Salesforce makes it easy to use eGift cards to engage prospects, reward customers, and incentivize employees—all without leaving Salesforce. 

eGifter RewardsTM for Salesforce is ideal for

eGifter Rewards Salesforce App is perfect for...
  • Sales Incentives
  • Customer Loyalty

  • Holiday Gifts
  • Market Research
  • Referrals

  • Customer Support & Appeasement

  • Surveys
  • Gifts For Colleagues
  • Sweepstakes

Simplify Your Gift Card Purchasing with eGifter Rewards for Salesforce

Great for customers. Great for business.

Send and track eGift Cards directly
from Salesforce 

Empower your Sales team to send a reward, check the delivery and redemption status, without leaving Salesforce.

The features you have been looking for

All-encompassing 360º view of your gift card program.

eGifter Rewards Salesforce App Dashboard
  • 300+ Digital Gift Cards
  • Send gift cards by email or text message
  • eGifter Rewards Choice Cards
  • Visa® eReward Cards
  • Send to one or multiple recipients
  • Pay by Credit Card, ACH or Wire
  • View Order Status and History from within Salesforce
  • Buy in Bulk
  • BI Dashboard & Reporting
  • Department and User Management
  • Budget Management
  • No Minimum Orders

Simplify Your Gift Card Purchasing with the eGifter Rewards Salesforce App.
Great for customers, great for business.


of millennials say that non-traditional benefits make employers more attractive.  (Forbes)


of employees say they would trade a salary increase for certain on-the-job perks.  (iCIMS)


of highly engaged employees were less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.  (CEB Analysis)


of companies see a positive impact on engagement when investing in recognition.  (SHRM)

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