8 Reasons HR Leaders Love Sending Gift Cards

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The holiday time crunch is ON. The end of year push has begun. Revenue goals, product launches, marketing promotions and accounting deadlines are upon us. There is a seemingly endless list of time sensitive projects under way. Pressure looms large.

And yet, a non-mission critical deliverable is due. It requires thought and care. And the timing falls squarely in the midst of the holiday season.

What is this deliverable, you ask?

Arguably the most important task on the HR list is giving holiday gifts to celebrate, thank and acknowledge your employees.

The question remains:

How can HR leaders and company executives dial into the perfect mix of awesomeness, ease and fiscal prudence?

The answer is simple:

Select, send and manage digital gift cards through eGifterRewards.com.

Why do employers avoid giving physical items to their employees?

Why do employers avoid giving physical gifts?
  • Unknown size and color preference
  • Geographically undesirable shipping
  • Diverse interests in what they want
  • Weighs too much
  • Likelihood of returns

8 reasons employers love to send gift cards to employees for the holidays.

8 reasons employers love to send gift cards to employees for the holidays
  1. Self provisioning
  2. Huge selection
  3. Cost efficient
  4. No risk
  5. Payment options
  6. Useable everywhere
  7. Delights the entire team
  8. Just right in every way

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