How To Fuel A Culture Of Thanks & Motivation

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Everyone wins when an employee is willing to give that extra push to get the job done. But, what motivates employees to go the distance? Why do some people feel so passionately about their job? Why does going above-and-beyond job descriptions by digging deeply come easily to some employees but not others?

Of course, there are obvious factors that encourage employees to boost productivity, including perks like health insurance, 401(k) plans, personal time off and competitive salaries.

Fact: HR leaders have a uniquely powerful ability to affect employee mojo. It just takes a bit of creative juice and empathic care. At any time — all year long — you can find a good reason for employee recognition and appreciation. It doesn’t take much to motivate folks by going-the-extra-mile for *them*.

When you send an eGift card for Employee Appreciation, great things can happen. Give it a go and see what unfolds.

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Judy Fairbanks
Judy is VP of Client Services at eGifter. At work, she is a fierce advocate for the customer voice. It's a natural extension of what matters to her most in life. #humanity #kindness #socialgood