Here we are in 2023, pressing the proverbial reset button and forging a path to business victory. Right about now, leaders everywhere are pouring over last year’s results to understand and apply lessons learned. Roadmap planning has begun in earnest. Department heads are designing smart programs where strategic investments will be made. HR managers are devising creative ways to retain the best employees and recruit top talent. There is a common thread across all of those activities. They all require a rewards and incentives component. Smart strategists centralize on a single solution and apply it everywhere. Stop having your staff waste time shopping for gifts, rewards and incentives. Create great experiences that motivate and persuade your audiences using a system your team will love. eGifter Rewards is the best bulk gift card solution, anywhere. Bookmark to strengthen and streamline your 2023 plan starting now.

Strategic Plans Rely on Rewards and Incentives

Chances are, everyone across your organization is doing something different with regard to promo or gift item procurement. These inefficiencies translate into real costs because everyone is rowing in a different direction. Now, imagine that gift cards become the standard across your company for employee rewards, sales incentives, marketing promotions and merchandise exchanges. Back of the napkin calculations justify the need for a single gift card platform, shared by all. This approach will streamline operations, maximize budgets and create happier teams (less work, easy to track!).

What we’re suggesting here is a simple strategy hack, that when applied, will measurably impact your success. The time is now to centralize your company’s rewards and incentives sourcing and delivery. With gift cards from eGifter Rewards, here’s what you’ll get in return:

  1. Affordability! Gift card denominations start at $5. That means you can match gift card amounts to recipient profiles and maximize budgets.
  2. Productivity! Your staff will spend less time planning, sourcing and executing programs. They’ll be freed up to work on other projects and better able to manage their time, all around.
  3. Leadership! Rich personalization tools will allow your executives to express meaningful messages in words and pictures.
  4. Appreciation! Make sure your recipient knows how much they are valued. They’ll get your intention in an instant by receiving a gift card that lets them shop for the item they really want. Share just the right sentiment in your personal message and hit the mark, every time.
  5. Ease of Use! The eGifter Rewards platform could not be easier to use. From procurement managers to marketing teams to customer service reps, everyone will appreciate the light lift to perform their job. And the lucky recipients will enjoy the fun and convenience of a great shopping experience.