We are squarely into 4th Quarter, 2020. Year end intensity is building across sales, marketing and HR departments. This is the time of year we rely on our workforce the most. Workers have been under pressure all year from myriad challenges levied by the COVID-19 pandemic. So, the 2020 holiday season offers an extra special opportunity for employers. This year, employee engagement and appreciation are more important than ever. Certainly, as kind humans, that’s right thing to do. But from an organizational perspective, employee engagement builds loyalty and productivity. Good news! Gift cards are great ways to engage workers and say ‘thanks. Loyalty grows exponentially when you send gift cards for employee engagment. And, eGifter Rewards makes it easy to send digital gift cards by email (or text) with heartfelt personal messages. Get creative with gift cards for employee engagement — and crush your year end goals.

In these uncertain times, how you treat your employees will be remembered for years to come. How businesses respond will have a lasting impact on employee behavior including, engagement, productivity and loyalty. Health and well-being, financial stability, and job security are top concerns for employees right now and employers can help address those fears in meaningful ways.” – FORBES

Great Gift Cards for Employee Engagement

Newest Arrivals and Consumer Favorites

Check out these popular digital gift card brands for your next employee engagement campaign:

GrubHub: Buy your employees lunch during your next virtual all-hands meeting, or let them order in for the family and skip a night of cooking and clean-up.

eGifter GrubHub Gift Card

Visa® Reward Card: Total flexibility for your employees. The Vanilla eReward Visa Virtual Account can be used online for everything from groceries to bill pay, wherever Visa is accepted.

eGifter Vanilla eGift Visa Gift Card

The Vitamin Shoppe®: Let your employees know their health and wellness is a priority. From sports nutrition to energy drinks, The Vitamin Shoppe® has the hottest products from the most trusted brands in the world.

eGifter Vitamin Shoppe Gift Cards

Panera Bread: The seasonal menu has arrived at Panera and the Autumn Squash Soup is an eGifter employee favorite. And don’t forget the cookies! Panera now offers Contactless Delivery and Curbside Pick-up in many locations.

eGifter Panera Gift Cards

With eGifter Rewards, it’s easy to get creative with gift cards for employee engagement. Get started today! Contact us.