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Energy Gift Card Rewards

Designed for Energy Providers & Utilities

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Reward Consumers for Loyalty and Positive Behaviors with Gift Cards

Energy Gift Card RewardsTM, powered by eGifter, is a digital platform designed for the unique needs of private energy companies and public utilities. Thank customers for their loyalty, give them incentives for being energy-efficient or reward them for enrolling in paperless billing. Whatever your goal, gift cards provide the right motivation. Put an end to the overhead of managing rebates and paper checks with the rewards consumers prefer.

eGifter Rewards™ on Desktop & Mobile
eGifter Rewards™ is Safe & Secure

Security & Privacy

We understand and respect the need for privacy when it comes to customer information. Our secure Platform delivers on this requirement.

eGifter Rewards™ Robust Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Easily track gift card orders and activity. Check program status on our dashboard, run ad-hoc reports, or download and export data.

eGifter Rewards™ are Fast & Simple

Zero Integration

Start your gift card program today, with zero technical integration required. We make rewards easy.

Let Your Recipients Decide The Brands They Want

The Ultimate Incentive: CHOICE

When you give a customer an Energy Gift Card Reward Choice Card™, they can choose from over 100 top national brands. Categories include grocery, pharmacy, sporting goods, dining, travel and even streaming services.

The eGifter Rewards Choice Card™ for Rewards & Incentives
Energy Gift Card Rewards™ powered by eGifter for you customers
  • Launch Immediately

  • Flexibility and choice

  • Zero Technical Integration Required

  • White Label Solutions available

  • APIs Available

The Convenience & Ease of Bulk Ordering

Energy Gift Card Rewards™ Flexibility


Send individual rewards, upload a spreadsheet, or order in bulk. API integration is also available. Choose the method that’s right for you.

Energy Gift Card Rewards™ Efficiency


Save time and money with a centralized solution for placing and tracking orders.

Energy Gift Card Rewards™ White-Label Solutions

White-Label Solutions

Customize the solution with your company’s logo and branding. Add messages to each gift card for a personal touch.

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