There’s no denying that things are different this holiday season as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, this is certainly *not* going to be the year of the traditional office holiday party. Our personal lives have been affected in dramatic ways. Our work lives have been impacted so deeply that words are insufficient. Everyone knows there’s a long winter ahead. All the more reason to ask “how can we make the holidays special for our workforce this year?” At eGifter Rewards, we are seizing the opportunity to create a season of warmth and community. From now through Christmas Eve, we’ll be sharing creative ideas to help everyone make the most of their 2020 holidays at home and at work. So, monitor your LinkedIn and social feeds with the hashtag #pandemicholidays

Get in on the action — and get lucky! Tag @eGifter and let us know how your company will make the most of your 2020 holidays! You might just score some holiday gift card swag from eGifter Rewards!

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Corporate Holiday Rewards

Inspiring Ways to Add Holiday Goodness to the Workplace

  • Using your company’s virtual meeting tools, get everyone together online. Set the festive holiday vibe and thank your employees for their fortitude this year. Say one great thing about each of them to let them feel known and appreciated. Make sure they come away knowing you value their contribution. It is imperative that leaders express sincere appreciation for staff loyalty and dedication this year, as we all search for meaning and connection.
  • Send a personalized message to supply chain partners. Chances are, they kept you going this year. Gift cards from valued clients to vendors via eGifter Rewards will definitely ring the bell.
  • Fund “Secret Santa” gift exchanges for workers to gift to each-other! Supply the gift cards through eGifter Rewards. Punch up the holiday spirit by giving them a few (strategically chosen) hours of paid time off between now and New Years. Lighten up the mood —  and heavy up the motivation. 

eGifter Rewards is the Best Way to Celebrate, Appreciate and Motivate

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