Today, the news is good. We may well have reached the beginning of the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting today, vaccines to prevent the coronavirus are being deployed. Optimism for the future is high. Yet, there are miles to go. Across the entire workforce, physical and mental stress remain on the incline, both at home and at work. So, to those businesses that have the wherewithal for holiday gifting this year, we can help. We boast an extensive gift card marketplace offering gift cards for hundreds of the best retail brands. And, we’re ready to serve them up. Business owners, leaders and managers have an awesome opportunity to send thoughtful, caring holiday gifts to employees. Send wellness gift cards to your workforce this holiday, keeping them healthy and strong.   

Employees Appreciate Wellness Gift Cards

Wellness gift cards are the very best solution for holiday gifts in 2020 for so many pragmatic reasons. With the eGifter Rewards web-based platform or API, your gifting job is handled quickly, easily and affordably. No need to shop, wrap or stress. Administrators can purchase great gift cards in bulk and distribute them to every loyal employee in a heartbeat.

  • Surprise and delight them! Free digital delivery by email or text.
  • Let them know you care! Personalized messages and photos will say it all.
  • Encourage a healthy lifestyle! Fitness of mind, body and spirit always do a world of good.

Not sure which health or fitness gift to choose? No problem! The Rewards Choice Card is their passport to any retail brand they prefer. Purchase a bulk supply of Rewards Choice Cards and send each one personally. Let them have a good time shopping at our rewards and incentives marketplace.

Or, get specific! Lululemon, REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sportsmen’s Warehouse are just a few of the great retailers that offer items for healthy pursuits.

Fitness Gift Cards

More Resources for Leaders Seeking Staff Wellness Ideas


Share this engaging Pinterest site with your Human Resources team, so they can build on the free ideas about employee fitness, health and wellness. From topics like ergonomics to exercise to meditation, there are no shortages of interesting and creative pins to make life better in the virtual and physical workplace. 


Take a page out of the virtual book from our colleagues at Glassdoor. “COVID-19 has not only shifted the economy, but the way companies take care of their employees. Some organizations have prioritized virtual wellness programming and initiatives to help ease the stress and anxiety of working from home during a global pandemic. From virtual fitness classes to sheep-led mediations, these specific companies have gone above and beyond for their employees. “


The blog at Wellable makes health and well-being in the workplace easy and personal. Through a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach, employees can use the technologies they prefer and focus on aspects of their health they are most interested in improving. Take the time to stay abreast of technology advancements, like those discussed in the free Wellable blog.

Get ahead of holiday gifting and register for a free eGifter Rewards account. You can make a difference for your team by helping to improve their health.  This year, send holiday wellness to your workforce with gift cards.