Hoping to find great ideas for employee rewards as the holiday season approaches? Forget sifting through all those sites. The best gifts are at your fingertips — digital gift cards for staff from eGifter Rewards. The timing is perfect — send work anniversary gifts on Cyber Monday. Gift cards are always available, never “out of stock” and there are no order deadlines, Remember, gift cards are the number one requested employee holiday gift! No hassle administration means your team will thank you for helping them do their job so easily. So, start to purchase gift cards in bulk today. 

Send Work Anniversary Gifts on Cyber Monday

Check with your HR team and gather the list of employees and their service anniversaries. Then, send a digital gift card letting them know that as the holiday approaches, the company appreciates the (specific) time they’ve been with the company. This personalized approach is a sure fire way to build employee loyalty and increase staff retention. The eGifter Rewards platform makes it easy to send direct delivery orders by text or email. Inject some spirit and get the holiday season off to a great start.

Buy Gift Cards in Bulk

More Employee Recognition Ideas

Here are a few more ideas to spark inspiration and imagination:

  • Nominate your top performers and award those who rise to the top in each category.
  • Go for the idea of ‘everyone gets a trophy’. Send a Just Because note and gift card to everyone.
  • Recognize standout employees on social media on a regular basis.
  • Start a #kudos slack channel and assign a senior leader to post once every day.
  • Distribute some company swag.
  • Designate a short time block to wellness and give everyone a few hours off

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